Mithril for sale!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Ok, Why and when is war coming?

    Also, how long is this sale going on??

    Please reply to us all via this thread
  2. Hmm war coming...
  3. I suggested this like a week ago. :D
  4. How long is it going on for??? And wat war??????? Hhhmmmmm...
  5. How do I buy on my damn android? Do u not care about android users or what
  6. WHACKED!!!!!

    But what do you mean 'war is coming'??
    Does that mean like when we have clan wars or something bad is going to happen??
  7. The devs are my mith dealers

    On a side note....

    *hopes this is randomly deleted*
  8. YAY!! Does this mean somthing like an allstar war?
  9. War isn't coming, more likely a new eb will be released.
  10. In b4 this just goes in the news section .

    No jk this isn't actually a half bad idea.
    I just hope it doesn't stay like this forever or else it will discourage everybody from warring.
  11. Hmm... War is coming? Woot.

  12. Just trying to boost sales.
  13. War is coming? What's that mean, and how long will the sale last?
  14. Yeah... I'm good with just six mith. I probably won't ever use it.
  15. Now, I think the war kaw_admin (Clearly or not, idk) is probably the 3rd Anaversery All-Star War.
  16. I'm definetly NOT going to be left behind in preperations.
  17. New spell cost is cheap! :shock:
  18. My prediction what war means: A new EB that's name contains war...

    BUT, it is the first ever EB that attacks back. Just my guess.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.