Mithril Farm Prevention

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  1. Mith Farming in EE

    I would like to propose there be a minimum action count for the clan as a whole during EE for them to be eligible for Red Paladin EB. I've been seeing a number of clans lately not even attempting to hit the opposition they've been matched to just for the opportunity of free mith at end of EE. This essentially makes all the efforts I've done to be built for EE and be available and invest real money worth nothing, when in twice the time these Mith Farmers can purchase the same equipment with no effort, no loss, no expense.


    • Introduce a minimum action count total for all those active in war. 500-1000 actions inclusive of successful and unsuccessful actions should be sufficient.

    Thanks for your considerations

  2. Abuse of the red palidin EB is a real problem. Its nice you are considering fixes. I think an easier fix would be to limit the red palidin EB payout to be no more than what you invested in the war.

    Burn 40 mith in war, get 40 mith from red palidin. Burn zero mith in war, earn zero mith in red palidin.
  3. Yes moose but the red paladin EB should be for those who tried and casted mith:)
  4. True. My understanding is you need "rancor rage" to hit the red palidin EB. Maybe the devs could tie rancor rage to amount of mithril burned. Example..... You must burn 12 mithrils minimum to get rancor rage upon loss of war..... Or some such thing.

    The point is, people who game the system should not get free mithril out of it.
  5. Thanks! We are looking at possible solutions to this issue currently. Appreciate the feedback.
  6. Reimburse 75% of mithril casted to losers and only allow no matches to run TVP for the mith. I think that TVP after isn't all too fair for the ones not casted. Especially in classic 2h wars, where they sit around for 3hrs then lose and sit around for another 2hrs.
  7. i would propose something similar, but only offer "odd man out" no matches the VP EB. Otherwise clans will start stacking terrible rosters just to try to get the access to the vanished palidin EB
  8. I see where you're going with this, and I can't say I wouldn't grant access to the eb for an unbalanced roster. Lots of clans get the message of being too strong, too weak, or too imbalanced for a match when they aren't trying to exploit the system, just trying to have fun with some clannies. I really wouldn't see it as fair to let some people get free mith while others don't just because of the other clans who signed up's rosters.
  9. my clan always gets a no match so i dont need to fake try a wat for vp ;)
  10. I think I saw this somewhere but I'm not sure, anyways I think the WoC should cost a few mith to even cast. In war the winner gets mith based on actions, pots burned and mith that the opposing clan has cast. Last war at pillars of chaos we warred new age, not one casted mith which means lower paying mith for those of us who spent 2 hours hitting players who are not even playing!!! So if the WoC costed a few mith our reward would atleast be better and TVP wouldn't help them get equipment because instead of 12 mith each TVP it's now 5-8 mith (cost of WoC can be whatever the devs deem appropriate)