Mith Equipment Change Discussion

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  1. This idea may have already been discussed, but…

    Should something be done to revitalize mith equipment? It seems kind of like another old relic of the game that serves no purpose now.

    My suggestion is to revamp mith equipment and how it’s upgraded. Instead of having several pieces for the same slot in the alchemist, remove them all and create one item for each slot. (You can keep any equipment you already have for nostalgic purposes.) The stats for each will start at a “base level” appropriate for its type. For upgrades, you can decide which specific stats you want to increase for a payment in mith. Each piece of equipment would have a maximum amount it could be upgraded to. It would be up to you how you divided it out. Later, as they get outmoded, the maximum could be increased. Where they should start and where the ceilings should be on each, I leave up for discussion. This would effectively give you customizable equipment and theoretically add an incentive to war for mith.

    If an idea like this were to be adopted, I think the weekend PVP system would need to be reworked. You wouldn’t want people getting powered up mith equipment for OSF/OAF farming. You would want it to be earned legitimately through battle. I would suggest changing the weekend PVP payout system to something similar to the PVP event that we had not so long ago. In which you get diminishing rewards for hitting the same person, and if someone is getting farmed heavily their payout drops significantly (even to zero maybe).

    Also, I think the hide ally spell would need to be addressed. People that choose to participate in OSW would be unduly burdened. So I think a different form of payment for the hide ally spell would need to be created. It could be that it’s an item you buy from the marketplace that costs gold. Additionally, there are many players that have a useless amount of aqua and inferno so maybe that could be used to purchase hide ally spells. Regardless of the payment system, how much it should cost would need to be worked out by people smarter than me. However, if you bought it for gold I think it should cost far less than what the cost of buying the mith for it would be (1.5T per day seems a little pricey).

    So that’s basically it. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? What are the loopholes I’m missing? If it’s a bad idea, maybe you have a better idea. Feel free to share it. Any refining of this idea or adding to it is welcome as well.
  2. Mith? What's Mith?
  3. yea i would thx great thread

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  4. It's all about ebs now sadly, I agree mith eq needs a rework