Minecraft Structure Idea Collaboration

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    Minecraft Structure Idea Collaboration

    Ok, all Minecraft players listen up... we all strive to build that structure that makes our world a grand jewel. We create a diamond in the rough. We could all share traits and structures that appeal to the eye here. If you like this idea Minecraft players, feel free to support.

    To start, I want to build a castle that is appealing to the eye from afar.
  2. If it is minecraft building you want to know about then I am your guy. For those of you who don't know I used to run one of the biggest minecraft build teams there were and I built projects such as the examples below.

  3. I don't mean to brag, actually...well...yes I do lol.

    This was all done vanilla. It took 5 people a very long time to build.

    Sorry for the low quality, I have better quality images on my computer, but I'm not at home.
  4. I play minecraft only to design these kind of structures, I'm currently working on a megabuild castle but only have the walls done, exams and football keep me away from building so I'm hoping to have it done a month from today when my schedule is more open
  5. Fine, guess not
  6. Talking about a game and advertising it are 2 different things. This is talking about it.
  7. Holy Cow! Those are EPIC structures. I will have to visit that world sometime to see it in person. Those are the kind of structures that inspire.
  8. This isn't advertising. Shut up.
  9. If you wish to see the builds just look up Team Elite Fallen Empire and Team Elite Dracarys.

    The maps should be available for download somewhere if you are interested.
  10. Do u actually know he/she got that off the internet I bet ya I can find it
  11. Haha you noobs and your build teams, everything I do is by myself
  12. Regarding this comment yes of course these are on the internet... I uploaded them myself personally to my old teams PMC account. I used to go by the name lllKEZZERlll in minecraft and then I changed my name to Kezzer once name changes were available. I probably still have access to the team's account actually :p
  13. I used a script mod that allows me to place massive walls/floor and random 3D shapes wherever I please
  14. I play it occasionally on the ps4. Really time consuming.
  15. World edit is a great place to start for building :) also if you ever fancy a go at terraforming (editing the landscape) try your hand at some voxel sniper. Both amazing tools and a lot of what I did would have taken far longer without them.
  16. I'm just gonna watch this thread.
    I'm not a great builder yet but I knew many things in minecraft just didn't have one in pc :(
  17. If you want any advise alaissa feel free to ask me or I can ever just tell you what I think of a build :) If you want me to of course.
  18. No it's fine kezzer :)
    I'll learn by experiencing it myself :)
  19. Anyone else have stuff to say? Anyone? Opinions? This is your chance trolls.