Military Service, Combat, and The Application of Power

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  1. Care to cite some examples ? Or you just going to throw generalised insults and hope something sticks ?
  2. Sure you wanna go back "few hundred" years? ...if you stick to 60 like -V- says doesn't look so bad for y'all, " few hundred" though you're absolutely insane if you think the US is equal to Britain in these regards

    ...if you wanna stick to 60 it's because we saved your asses back in WWII and you been holding our coat tails since then, pretty much everything we've done past 60 years you're government has approved of or gone right along with so you ain't got much to talk about.

  3. What greater purpose is that?
  4. What do you find "radical" about my opinion?

    Also, most of the guys on deployment with me shared my sentiment about our reason for being there.
  5. It doesn't matter who did imperealism wrong is wrong it's wrong for britain to do it for america to do it and of course although more preventative measures have been taken since the second world war it still happens albeit more discreatly and should be challenged and opposed no matter who's payroll you're on because in reality soldiers and civilians die and leave families, if honour is such a big thing on the military agenda then lies deciet and propoganda is not wanted.
  6. "You see when I was back in Nam, I had to eat purified bacon and salted corn flavored hush puppy things, and half the time I didn't get to eat cuz the Namese were all over my squadron trying to **** is in the bum hole."

    This came from my Uncle's Story of his time in Vietnam. Heought 1967-1968 and left due to getting wounded. Respect Uncs.
  7. You should of signed up for Obamas apology tour.

    War is war and there will be casualties. Collateral damage is unavoidable.

    You say that US military is sent abroad just wreaking havoc for no reason, US is under obligations with its allies to contribute a certain amount of force and or money for protection of its allies. Problem is that it's only been one sided. Trump vows to change that by making the allies put forth more effort so US isn't left out to twist.
    Obama policies with the pulling of troops that were in Iraq has created the problem the world faces today. If we don't finish them off regardless who they hide amongst then what have we accomplished?? If the non combatants won't help to push isis out what are we supposed to do? Let Isis get bigger and better. What or why we went there in the beginning is irrelevant at this point. The finger pointing needs to stop.
    Keeping the fight over there keeps our homelands safe.
  8. Domo, are you responding to someone else? You didn't answer my question.

    And you're also putting words in my mouth, to boot.
  9. I agree with Daph here. Sometimes it's about doing your bit. I enjoyed my time in and gearing up for deployment was the most exciting part of it.
    Military life isn't for everyone but for me it made me who I am today. I'm more confident, proud, disiciplined and determined to succeed.

    In reference to your first post Cheese, sure some of the reasons why we went to war are 'questionable' but you kinda should be prepared for anything the relative government's throw at us.

    Gotta laugh at that statement. RAF, special forces? hahahaha
  10. Millitary is only needed because there are degenerates in the world that don't want peace and only want war or conflict or tyranny.

    There are many problems with the military and ultimately the negatives outweigh the positives of having one.

    If I were a country owner I would want an army.

    Most of the time things like nukes and armies are enough of a deterrent to make people against invading or messing with.

    Hence nukes = good stuff and armies = good stuff.

    If we lived in a more peaceful world nukes and armies would be pointless but we don't. The only reason we are mostly at peace/not being invaded is simply because of these deterrents in my opinion.
  11. Fight the fighters, not their wars
  12. When you go to meps, you got to do a small psichological evaluation. Its almost like a T&F evaluation, no big deal.
  13. Clumzeh - you realize the U.S. has created many of the conflicts that exist in the Middle East today?

    We don't use our military as a deterrent - we use it to keep the world in a perpetual state of war and unrest.
  14. Well duh! Gotta distract the people somehow ;D
  15. I read to where he said Trump, then started crying on the inside.
  16. He tends to do that. He hasn't started to insulting yet which is new though.