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  1. I was about to war with Middle Kingdom in the Summer Wars. Everybody had agreed that I would stay. 1 minute before rosters locked they kicked me before an eb even ended after I'd done everything they told me to, and got there 3 days early. You just don't do that to a person! I was gunna be on all 24 hours and I would be a huge credit to them. Well **** THEM! I hope LAST RIGHTS KICKS THEIR ASS!
  2. You're a disgrace to last rights.
  3. How am I a disgrace to last rights? I have no affiliation with them.
  4. Don't follow me, *****.
  6. Oh and pot up bro. 1/4 bar and already burned pots 
  7. Why didn't you fight in any of the other wars with middle kingdom then. I'm sure if you had fought in the previous 8 (9 if you count the test) wars they would have known how valuable you could be to them.
  8. Hey, no one would even accept me :lol:
  9. Apology thread coming soon
  10. you want some ice for that butthurt op?
  11. Chill! I got kicked to and I was in a previous war. Lol
  12. Sadly I must agree with op,

    If it's all agreed, and you can't do that to a person? I'll make sure if I ever consider going there once I'm bigger, I'll make sure to visit Last Rights first :) ;) :p :D
  13. And neither clan will take you either lob
  14. OP...

  15. Hey, I tried to get in with Last Rights. They voted my ass out, too.

    This is the price we pay for freedom.