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  1. Maybe you're teja, or we're all teja
  2. Support! Nothing but greatness!
  3. So what's the premise really?
    Is it going to be like those "osw" clans who just have a target in CA but really just smack EB's same as usual?
    Or is this going to be actively seeking conflict kind of thing?
  4. Kool-Aid, are you trolling or are you downright stupid? You realize that there's countries and people that don't have English as a primary language right? I can confirm that this is the original Majesty. I was with them in TYR Legacy when they first re-opened a few months ago.
  5. Im the new fourm master m8
  7. Fat @Willy

    How much does that whale of a wife weigh these days?

  8. 3
  9. Tonnes I would assume. Considering the fact that in your species the females are three times larger than the males...
  10. @ Seaman / Pipebomb...


    You need to read this.
  11. You realize that I've had conversations with him and I was in Tyr with him as well? So, are you that stupid think that I wouldn't know English isn't his first language.

    Are you trolling? Or are you that stupid?
  12. Why not me
  13. @Willy/Roni
    I'm not pipebomb. K?
    Also. I heard you get butthurt when your morbidly obese whale/wife is brought up. It's ok. There there William.
  14. If you knew him prior to his "disappearance", and had had multiple conversations with him, only an idiot wouldn't be able to recognize him. I'm done trying to talk common sense to you. Case closed.
  15. Get out of here with that statless account disrespecting Willy show your main or kick rocks️
  16. you can't hit his main. It's Scrapster/Pipebomb
  17. *yawn*

    A few people have already shown me screenshots of how he knows nothing about clan farms, history etc. He's probably that ass iJaxon.

    Guess you'll just keep tooting your wee horn.

  18. Kool-aid would you pls get off my thread trolling and being disrespectful ...
  19. Interested in joining who do I contact?
  20. Follow me back pls