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  1. Og majesty, or so I've heard.
  2. Thx for all the support and yes it's the real majesty
  3. We will be opening tyr legacy
  4. This will be interesting! Can't wait to see what's going to happen with this glorious new empire!
  5. Agreed bro
  6. I doubt it
  7. But why do you doubt it...
  8. Cool thread! GL
  9. Hell yeah bro damn good thread
  10. Because the account is zeroed. That's why.
  11. As I posted on the forum,"Tribute to osw Fighters," yes it's me. And yes I've been in the shadow, playing on a few alts you noobs never knew about. You didn't even know it was me back then much less now. How many times have I said, "this is cyberspace and there's no limits."

    If you were to ask any LB,"how many alts do you have?" They will lie Period. And if you think you know me, I ask you this, who are my alts? TBH- you noobs know nothing.

    And no Terra, I'm not imaki. I'm the real deal.
    And yes Kool-aid, I'm back.

    I'm starting off fresh. Enjoy your kaw
  12. And on another note.
    To Kaw's bullies.

    MG and TYR will not be bullied into kicking ppl. You can farm you target where ever the are. If you can't and you feel the tendency to contact admin and throw threats... Forget about it. If you can't figure out that you can farm them anywhere, you don't deserve to be called a warrior.
  13. ༺Ḿ̸̸ɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع༻
  14. May I add if u worry about get them kicked bc they are making funds then your obviously not doing your job just saying so no salty butthurt needed :)

  15. I am in love already.
  16. Awesome Merger!
    Welcome back one of KaW's legends 
  17. Your English is too good. Did you go to school for some lessons? Still very doubtful you're the original.

    After reading your post're probably imaki or Teja even
  18. How do we know you are the real Kool-Aid?

    You could be the mailman or the butcher, or Teja even