Maybe we're dreaming to big

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  1. Maybe we're dreaming too big here guys, merchants, black market,delete button....

    Maybe we're dreaming too big here guys, these ideas may seem simple and easy to implement (in the way that devs can remove equipment(delete button)) but maybe they're not.

    Here's the most basic idea to sooth the frustration of searching through your inventory to see how much of something you have. I'm sure it's been said before but here it is

    SORT our inventory. Devs, give everything a hidden number based on its relevance to the current game and sort it in the same way you sort things by numerical/alphabetical order. That way at least the relevant items will be at the top and we as players won't have to sift through crap to see how many crux we have.

    Surely it can't be that hard, we've got legends, which are a blast(hope this beast story leads to an eb or something else cool)

    let's start working on some quality of life improvements.

    Thanks for your time
    Shady goose 
  2. Sounds legit.
  3. I agree
  4. Legends is pretty bad and you're a fool if you think the devs are making any serious changes to this game. They're just milking everyone's cash until the game cant sustain itself then they'll kill it like fc and gaw.

    Ps legends sucks, uninteresting low effort story
  5. Hahaha opinion noted. I really don't think it's necicary to Ps considering your main point is that legends suck.

    Legends at the moment is nothing flash, if given the opportunity for the new feature to develop it may come to be something intreaging.

    If you have an opinion on the topic of the thread I'd be interested for you to post it
  6. Yeah, this new equipment proves that we need something to get rid of the clutter, the equipment that we no longer need because we have better stuff.. i have to sift through so much equipment just to find the one i want
  7. Lol at the quality of life comment

    I have on occasion asked devs to remove stuff that been there for months and has no use

    I'm just over it these days, I don't look in my inventory for anything

    I would suggest that at the end of event they should be sellable even for 1 gold just as a mechanic to get rid of things
  8. Good call. Inventory needs some work. We're already doing a couple of things to inventory to support some new features so we'll try to make it just better overall. Thanks!
  9. Support
  10. Thank you for the reply, it's really encouraging to hear that something's being done 