"Maximum Voltage" FEEDBACK

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *Ipitydahooka (01), Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Post your feedback here please! Let me know what ya think! :D
  2. Seems good but kinda confusing.
  3. How is it confusing? I'll explain.
  4. It goes from meeting cpt indestructible to some poor man on the other side of the city back to the class
  5. I don't get how it connects
  6. Haha well I can't exactly explain everything just yet. But trust me it all connects. It's the story version of a comic I'm making. But just know that there is more to the "poor man" than you would think, same as to capt indestructible. Just keep with it and you will not be disappointed. Trust me. ;)
  7. I'm trusting you...for now... Don't disappoint me...or else....MWAHAHAHAHA!
  8. Oh yea. Captain Indestructible isn't The main character in this story. Just someone you should know. Lol. Scott Abbott is the main guy.
  9. Have u ever played the game inFamous? This abbot character has the same ability as the infamous guy
  10. No I haven't played it but I have heard of it. And no I did not get his abilities from that game.lol. I have been thinking this up in my head since i was like 13 or 14. Lol. I'm 21 now.
  11. I AM 14 lol
  12. Ha cool. But all of this is definitely my original idea. Not stealing ****. Lol
  13. Nice story man didn't get to read it last night
  14. So far, I'm curious to see where you're going w/the story. Your imagination intrigues me.
  15. No problem luv