Marrox the Confined - New Epic Battle

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Charlie, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Oh Charlie didn't get fired.. Was worried for a second considering no one has seen him in weeks :lol:
  2. Getting my credit card ready for Health Crystals.?? your welcome ATA
  3. From the looks of it so far i support, looks like a way better idea than another version of hte, i do wonder how long its going to take for a non-paying player vs a paying player tho to ug that eq tho... just so we kno if its worth spending on?
  4. Love it, devs! :D
  5. Interesting, we haven't run it yet, but it looks like plunder is just a bit higher than GotH, is that correct? From looking at "The Best EB Times" only 35 have been run? If it is going to be that rare, shouldn't it drop both event pieces, like RotWB, HTE & ZTA?
  6. Only 950 more to go to be able to purchase the trinket. Wonder if we could trade in the excess ash for pieces. Hmmmmm, guess not 
  7. Thanks for the new approach for equip,but you may have to re-visit the drop rate I can understand rare as a drop but when it borderline's on extinct it's rather a letdown,also the contents of the chests if it's this rare 5 horn fragments puts getting the ring and leveling it to 10 is around 2020 I hope you keep this app going that long.
  8. Does the Compass of Zoma item appear in battle history when dropped?
  9. No, it doesn't. But it is announced in the clan chat if it dropped, just as it does with seals and horns! :)
  10. Plunder sucks i get more on a haunt and the amount of horn fragments you get from the box is ridiculously low
  11. I agree with Brutal, cost of the "gold key" is 50% higher than ZTA gold key n I got the same 15 horn fragments from a gold key as from a regular key...typical parsimony from the secs 
  12. Devs *^
  13. If I gave you a waffle could I get a compass for free?
  14. I think it's just bad luck, Mott. I've got up to 75 Horns from one gold key.
  15. Got 45 from mine (gold key). Just relaying info.
  16. I never seem anything drop on hte zta goth and lotl. Think the drop system hates me.
  17. We've ran only Goth/Lotl or BR ebs and have not seen one compass drop, is this drop that rare, my understanding is the compass drop will be made public in a clan chat post, as to who in clan gets the compass drop kinda like equipment/aqua/inferno drops? Is there anything that increases the chance of a drop, ie. using crystals, battle cry, etc?
  18. They stated the longer the eb runs the better chance of dropping the compass, so the sleeping giant/ that eb tree should provide the best chances
  19. Wow, this seemed exciting when it first came out but now 3 days later and still not one compass drop, guess its definitely rare. But excitement gone, at this rate will take forever to even get the trinket equipment involved without clan hopping around to get the fragments needed, which I hope was not intended to promote! Anyways, devs plz consider making this drop a bit less rare! Thanks!