Mariner's Chest Drops

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  1. Plz post what you've gotten from opening the 25 nob chest, so that others have an idea of what you get before they decide to open it. I remember last event the lowest thing you got was like 35-40 circles.

    Chest Drops :

    •15 charm
    •5 xtals
    •1 SOD
    •35 circles

  2. 15 charm first open
  3. Still have worthless Shoulders of Clan's Pride from last gimmick pay to play eb. Umm yeah, no thanks....

  4. I have them too..devs never said a word about them after multiple players posted in there event thread and I and a few others made threads specifically about the issue devs just dont care.

    But, If devs have fixed the chests, it (*should*) actually be profitable to open them. And since there is no eq dropping out of it there is nothing to worry about as far as eq goes..
  5. First opened was 35 circle, second was a sod.
  6. 50 charm
  7. 5medipacks ....I mean xtals
  8. 1st sod 2nd 20 charms 3rd 30 charms
  9. 20 charms in a chest twice