Maps of Betrayal

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  1. The dev also struggle for work, for money.. they're people too..

    The milk bottle was just fun not about infect people what.. it was about getting people to join cult.. if that offend you then you need balls.

    Yes is annoying for p2p stuff added and is expensive.. i still don't get 1 key dropped.. but this was just rude they're people. how about tell them problem not tell them their source income should be cut off..
  2. Oh shut up you snowflake.
  3. Hey all.

    There was an issue where if someone was traded both maps at once, they could have both maps active. This wasn't intended, and should now be impossible. Users can now only purchase one of the tradable maps at a time.

    We won't be taking anything away from anyone who does have both, since those trades were made in good faith in most cases.
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  4. Well they messed up. As someone who spent a little very month they lost me as a paying customer. I am sure I am not the only one. So meh.
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  5. Trading the pilferers map for thiefs map
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  6. How do we get 4500 candles since no more quest to complete?
  7. Hi there, the daily candle quests will continue for the duration of the event until May 27.
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  8. Hey, i have a question that i think many people wonder.
    How come the rewards don't get better as you progress? People, myself included, have been doing every daily legend, many spent money on buying maps, and the boxes after the seal one just became worse.

    How come it doesnt just get better each dead drop chest? Wouldnt that make more sense?

    Thank you in advance for the response!
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  9. @athinkingape
    Anyone?😅 it has been a week while other people get immediate responses...
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  10. Heck is Ravenstorm Inferno?
  11. It is used to enchant equipment from coraxian boxes
  12. It’s cause they only wanted your money.
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  13. What is a Coraxian key? And what do I do with it?
  14. Looking at the below quote from the epic battle guide, it seems they are used to open Coraxian chests, which may only drop from the weekend premium eb.

    “ Coraxian Chests and Keys can be found by defeating Hexavia the Ravenstorm and The Netherking, respectively. Both Chests and Keys can be traded, and contain powerful equipment.”
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  15. How do I trade a theifs map
  16. You can trade with people by following them (which sends them a notification). If they follow back, you are ‘friends’, and the follow button is replaced with “chat”. In this chat, or private messaging (pm), you can send/receive trade offers to people
  17. You can only trade the item "tradable thief map" (appears as a rolled up scroll). The flat map is not tradeable.
  18. How long do we have to trade our keys and to open those drop dead chests?

    Can we trade extra keys to people without maps? or can we trade these chests themselves, too?

  19. I know the dead drop chests themselves are untradeable. For the rest, I don’t know