Maps of Betrayal

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  1. Maps of Betrayal

    As Maaku cuts his teeth as an urban thief, you will help him find various supply drops around Grimsbridge.

    Left behind by the thieves guild, these caches contain valuable supplies. For those seeking greater rewards, there are premium boxes that will require some light co-ordination and trading to open.

    How It Works

    Available from April 1st, Noon Pacific until May 27th, Noon Pacific.
    There are three rotating daily quests which reward Candles of Betrayal.
    There are weekly and 28-day (monthly) quests, which can be completed by doing 7 or 28 days of daily Candle of Betrayal quests, or other methods if you miss a day.

    The Passes

    There are two passes, and they are exclusive with each other. The rewards are identical between the two passes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Thief's Map will allow you to find Thief's Keys from any EB as an uncommon reward, and allows you to receive Pilferer's Keys in trades.
    The Pilferer's Map will allow you to find Pilferer's Keys from any EB as an uncommon reward, and allows you to receive Thief's Keys in trades.

    [​IMG] +[​IMG] =[​IMG] used to open[​IMG]

    Having both a Thief's Key and a Pilferer's Key will combine them into a Key of Betrayal, which can be used to open a Dead Drop Chest. Dead Drop Chests are rewarded after collecting certain numbers of Candles of Betrayal.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are also Tradable versions of each map! When traded to another user, they will bind to the recipient permanently.
    Maps unlock are the keys and the ability to trade for them. Everyone will get all of the legends, automatically. Each map costs 79 NB.


    Free rewards include: Trader's Tokens, Health Crystals, Crux chests, and more!

    Premium rewards include: Even more Health Crystals, 2x Seal of the Damned, Golden Crux chests, and more, all found inside Dead Drop Chests!
  2. I’m confused lol
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  3. What’s the catch?
  4. Devs you really are the most insensitive people on the planet. There is currently a world wide pandemic killing potentially millions of people and you launch an event that infects people. Hang your heads in shame.
  5. If we buy one map, can we get traded the second one?

    MAP GUIDE (summary)

    There are numerous legends that give you candles. Daily, 7 day, and 28 day legends. Collecting candles drops "Dead Drop Chests." Chest drops improve as you collect more of them.

    There are two different maps: yellow (pilferer) and blue (thief). There are two versions of each you can buy: tradeable, or non tradeable (or "active," the flat looking ones). If you trade a tradeable map, it turns into a non tradeable one.
    If you have a non tradeable map, it enables key drops from ebs (either yellow or blue keys). You need one of both keys to open a dead chest. You can ONLY have one of the two non tradeable maps.

    You have to trade for the key that doesn't drop with your map. You can ONLY trade for keys if you have an active map, and only for the key that doesn't drop for you.

    There is no benefit to having multiple tradeable maps on one account. You can give them to alts, or sell them to other players for profit.
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  6. Nope.
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  7. Da hell is this? What happen to the original ata people? Bring them back stupid noobs.
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  9. Stupid event lasts this long?
  10. So wait... I can collect the candles and the dead chests but can't get keys unless I buy the map?
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  11. There is a normal 2wk event going on as well. This is just an extra legend if you choose to play it.
  12. Correct. You can instead trade for a map from another player if you like.
  13. Are the keys random drops as well? Or guaranteed?
  14. How random are these key drops? We have 100 map holders through 8 ebs and zero key drops. Or is it only the premium ebs that drop keys?
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  15. So I am always up for a joke. And in these times we need some humour. But we also look to each other as a moral compass at times. I can get past an event about infecting people. Poor taste but I can get past it. But the ongoing greed the devs have shown on the last while is unforgivable. They have bumped up the cost of premium items where you need to spend more to play. Again. I could get past this but we are in a pandemic where many of your supporters have been laid off work, have had loved ones die or are sick themselves. You are taking advantage of a poor situation. And to top it off you have renamed yourself after a brutal disease while it is actively killing people. You have lost my support and will never see a dime from me again. Stopped spending last event and this solidified it for all events moving forward. There was a time when tragedy struck and you supported relief efforts by donating part of sales. That was a company I was happy to be playing with. Your new staff are just a new set of greedy kids who have little respect for what’s going on around them. I hope the game shuts down.
  16. I'm with you hit-huma-hit the events is in berry bad taste NOT COOL ATA
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  17. Greedy
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  18. Holy crap people. CORVID is a subspecies of bird. Hence the avatar. And has been around for years 5 at least.

    COVID-19 is the thing that people are getting sick with. And is recent.

    The name was not created in some lackluster stab at the world.

    To keep this post on topic yeah this event sucks too.
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