Make War Great Again

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  1. The main problems have already been set out in this thread but I think the main ones are lack of profitability and stat differences.

    When new players join the game (if that even still happens) wars are not feasible- thus they become eb warriors and never try war until they reach a certain size- upon realising it isn't profitable.

    The idea that everyone is given a random build could solve this issue- both new players and old could war and it would get new players interested in war to begin with. In regards to profitability, perhaps players should receive certain buffs for warring which would give them an edge over eb players e.g. an extra furnishing room for furniture only obtainable from war drops. EBs and the legends based around them will always provide more gold than war- instead of falling down the rabbit hole trying to chase this give players who war a different advantage: after all it is Kingdoms at War not kingdoms at eb.
  2. I agree with most of what you said, only where you mentioned random builds... I would not like that because us war accounts have worked very hard to obtain our war builds, and to have all that time and effort then deemed useless would create quite the upset. I dont mind your idea about furniture, with the current popularity of furniture it could work well for a short period, only furniture gives such low stat bonuses and I think will lose popularity in a while anyway. My suggestion would be to go back to offering war equipment to the top players on the war ladder. Equipment is such a beneficial part of war with the builds now days and every war account would live to get their hands on those extra bits of stats, and so would other players who dont war or have stopped warring.

  3. In order to get ppl to war devs need to fix it. Build it and they will come kind of thing.
  4. The system needs rebuffed and equipment needs to reinstated. As for the mass stat ranges if the above was done more people would war which would help with the mass stat ranges during matchup.

    With all mentioned in this thread I’ve talked with ata over this and new mechanics. Only time will tell so keep up the posting on this subject your voice means more than you think.
  5. Not undearstand anything about war. First time doing ind get 8times ko...
  6. At some point of the game, mithril meant something. War equipment had more stats than that of eb equipment. Until devs decided to change it all up. I'm basically stuck with thousands of unused mithril just lying in my inventory. Back in the seasons, we had red paladin equips and various other equipment to enchant. But now there's basically no way u can dump all ur unused mithril. If u release war equipment, make it so that they're enchantable with mithril. Kaw is kingdoms at war, not kingdoms at ebs. You lost a majority of players due to your lack of effort of listening to their opinions. The game is dying, like the developers said. But small changes like this can hopefully be done to revive EE wars.
  7. What killed war is EE fairies telling oswers they cant keep pots if they want to EE and telling eb fairies tthey cant use their build.

    Nobody wars for that reason only.
  8. The only eq that should count in war, is eq that is purchased with mith. This will even the plane. Let all that rediculous eq count towards pvp, and ebs. I like to war, not anymore, i couldnt even hit the smallest ooponent last war, why bother? Are there any war games out there simular to this that do wars? Id delete this game if i found one. Lmmfao.
  9. No, that's just what you guys hope. That's not necessarily true. So what happens if they apply yet another "fix" and people still continue to not do EE and it still has less profitability then other aspects of the game? Then it will just be wasted labor hours on their part, as a business, for one of the least participated in aspects of their game. That is why I'm saying you guys should really and show some numbers first.

    I really liken the random builds idea for an EE slot though. Make it pure though. Random builds with no equip and ally bonuses. Make it even ground, may the best fighters win.

    Another option too;

    Draft Wars.

    Let's say it's 20v20 for this example.

    Each team is given premade builds. Prior to War in that hour where you just dilly Sally and roster check for an hour a draft happens. 4 Atk builds, 4 Hybrid, 4 Def, 4 Spy, 4 Spybrid. So each team has the same random builds but players can have the choice of playing what they consider themselves better at. These fights will allow for strategy and will require team work. Likewise if you guys want clan wars to be relevant again this could become a good path to it.

    Also for those of you who will be like "but my war build!" That's for OSW. If you don't care for towers now you have a reason to lose them.You get extra plunder spells, that's enough compensation for everything.

    Oh, and if you're going to bring back War equip I recommend doing it in the above draft type format. Except add a twist to this. Each season starts with clans registering. Each person can only register with one clan. Let's say a war season is 100 wars total. Each clan will be required to participate in at least 60 wars to qualify for the "post season". At the time of the post season it will become bracketed. Let's say 20 clans register and all qualify for the post season. It'll go in a 16 team bracket playoff, randomized. Times will be set and each bracket will be best of 3. Semi finals and finals will be best of 5. Top War equip will be rewarded to everyone who registered in beginning of season with top clan. 2nd tier war equip with losing registrants of clan in the finals. 3rd tier war equip with both losing registrants of clans in semi finals. Everyone who made post season gets a Mith/Aqua/Inferno/Silver Bar package. The ultimate goal should be at least semi finals.

    Also add for the playoffs a betting thing for outsiders. Buy in will be nothing big, let's say 1 Bil. If your team wins in that bracket you get a package back including silver bars, aqua, inferno, tokens. You can only bet on one team in each game though.
  10. I say: make clan wars, with automaticly match ups 2times a week, with rival clans.

    50 members per clan, you have to fight.

    The winning side gehts 1tril every member.

    That would be fun.
  11. You can literally just sell your pots. This is a bs excuse and not by any means the reason wars died. Wars were at their peak at the same time as osw was.
  12. Haha Demon, what killed wars is people like you, I quite clearly remember your infamous attitude every war we had together... matchup with you on my side, lose. Matchup against you, win
  13. The coming battle loomed over Lonesong, crushing him with its inevitability. His holy ape overlords had commanded him to fight, in the name of the holiest of all, ATA_Grant.

    Why had such a fate been put upon poor Lonesong? Well, you see, these apes were cruel gods, living only for the torture of their subjects, whisking away their happiness and coins from their purses as the mortals struggled to gain purchase in such trying times.

    Alas, the time for battle was now. Lonesong put away his fears, surging to meet his foe. Their armies battled, shaking the very ground with their might. Sword against shield, spear against armor, arrow upon flesh.

    Countless bodies littered the ruined earth, blood staining the ground. The once tranquil plain had been turned into the grounds where death reigned over the mortal men. However, Lonesong had emerged victorious. He looked skyward, to his ape overlords

    “I am victorious!” he shouted, beckoning the apes to his call. “Tell me apes, what have I earned for claiming a glorious battle on this day!” The ape gods looked down upon Lonesong, with their eyes full of lies.

    For this victory, o’ powerful Lonesong, we will display your name in the chat of worlds. This recognition will be all you earn. Until then, continue to fight, for great rewards lie in your path. Merely win one thousand more battles like this one, and we shall compensate you greatly.

    Lonesong crumpled, falling to his knees. All this blood and destruction, in vain. He couldn’t fight a thousand battles. He picked himself up and called to his generals, beginning the slow and somber march back to his warcamp.