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  1. Please let hitting other players a way to generate tokens too and maybe for every mil or bil in plunder a token is granted
  2. Devs tried to make scrolls drop from pvp. They said that it would require major recoding of the game. I assume it would be the same scenario with medallions.

    It could happen, but I don't think it will anytime soon. EE if you want medallions from pvp.
  3. The amount of money they make from this game they should try atleast don't u think? And they took the time to create code this event couldn't they attempt to make kaw a little bit like it started out or is money more important than all else!
  4. Support So disappointing to see players between 1-3 yrs not hitting the BL. They've become so entitled to easy gold they are too scared to hit it.
    Players with 1 yr are bigger than a lot of 3-5 yr players and have no idea what it's like to be hit outside of war. Pathetic really, have some balls and hit BL.
  5. Too easily abused.. Hit someone or join an OSW clan if you want pvp.. How can you sit in that EB clan an complain about pvp.. Pvp itself is the reward, you shouldn't get crap from it.. I don't want pvp encouraged
  6. The BL is lame.. Go join an OSW and stop whining wimp
  8. No money means they can't afford to pay for server upkeep and employees.

    KAW has two types of players. Those who do and who do not like pvp.

    If they make the game with to much focus on war then the PVE guys quit. If they get rid of war then the PVP guys quit.

    Unfortunately the devs can't please everyone, and yes money is important to them but they have bills to pay too
  9. I understand they have bills to pay who doesn't ? But what I'm saying is they need to be fair to everyone not just those that have a clan for wars or ebs their are solo players that want to grow and enjoy the events too with out depending on others action to determine their fate and not there's alone.
  10. PvP is there to be had, and the reward is
    1. Nerd rage on your wall
    2. Stunting your targets growth.

    Looking for more cash for PvP seems to be an EB fairy mind set to me
  11. Bro I hit EBs regularly and strip everyday.. What's unfair? If you know what your doing you understand EBs are very useful in pvp and OSW.. I don't need an Event to farm somebody

    Good point moose they ignore me because they think I'm trolling but I'm just giving them the harsh truth
  12. Dear DirtyHarry I'm mean Larry,
    Please go ahead and press that button!
    I'm in this eb clan because I have a life and can't afford the time like many others to war 24/7/365 but these "SHORT EVENTS" can involve everyone if the devs wish it but the choose to make events to attract new softer gamers than cater to their loyal gamers who are the ones spending money and getting their bills paid, so if you think me a wimp why not see how I whine?
  13. You guys that cry about pvp in this game are the biggest fairies here because you don't have big enough balls to go and do what you want.. You are afraid of what someone will say when you hit them.. You need an excuse like an event because you are afraid of the consequences of pvp
  14. Ok now you have a life and can't do pvp.. Sounds legit.. Keep making excuses
  15. Moose please no animals on the new sofa thanks and it's there to be had yes I agree but creating events that reward eb participants and team efforts alone is not fair to solo players. Create ebs and what do u expect as the results other than eb fairys?
  16. Dirtylarry I already tried hitting you but I guess your pinned from the ebs or something's but feel free to hit me and grow those balls some more but be warned it's not that healthy you might have a medical condition
  17. :lol:

    Bro I have in CA's and OSW since February.. I run bars on a certain LB'er
  18. Not fair to solo players???? What???

    Have you seen my stats? I'm constantly under fire from other players. Some times it get hit for running my mouth, and some times I get hit for enforcing ToU. Regardless, I'll never complain about things being unfair. I PvP quite a bit,mand I still grow, although not at the rate of others.

    I'll never understand the mentality of the gamer here who wants the devs to spoon Feed them everything.

    Devs, I want pvp that isn't EE. Shut down EBs please (face palm)

    I am feeling nice today, so, I will assist you with finding some PvP.
    Try hitting jigsaw. Dragon-code is also anither fine choice. If you don't like thst, then try hitting anyone in KoFTE.

    All the people who want so,e kind of trinket for doing PvP are just EB fairies trying to distort a system thst already works.
  19. Here is another nit of real world economics you need to grasp. Many people In KaW like EBs. Maybe you don't, but many do. So, of you shut the EBs off for a day or two guess what will happen.......

    People will close down KaW and find other things to entertain them selves. It would be bad policy for ATA to do things that will drive folks off this app en mass, just because you want to war "safely" or need some excuse to hit people
  20. Wanting a reward for playing the game a certain way doesn't make you a fairy. I've hitting someone for months and months. Stunting their growth? Gimme a freaking break. All they have to do is one seal and Max xtal and all my pinning and zeroing is pointless. Meanwhile they continue to grow and gain whatever hunt item is out at the time. Honestly with hte is pvp is basically pointless now. Even if you strip them they are back at Max plunder and making gold in less than a half a day. Hell probably instantly because who the crap doesn't have bars stashed away now with the massive amount of gold from escapes. There Isn't a Damn thing wrong with asking for a reward for actually hitting other players. Granted I make a hundred million or more a hit on hansels but I had to change my build to do that.