major screwup in EE. IG vs AnD

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Don't forget pots. I'm losing billions in pots and I can't fight back.
  2. Same thing happened in our war..I was supposedly ko'd 19 times
  3. Not to mention when you lose 400mil 4x in a row.
  4. same with our war, sko ed few times within same second... I can even hit back when I'm in ko... Totally screwed up war!!!
  5. It started as being funny, now its getting ridiculous, 8 Ko's in 7-8 :shock: :eek: :evil:
  6. estoc is a joke... i stick to normal wars.
  7. How can you be KOed 20 times in a minute?
  8. People are basically perma zero'ed and unpinned, just taking loss after loss and having their pots burnt. But when you try to attack it says you're KO.
  9. I feed backed devs and they responded that they are currently 'investigating this issue'. Hopefully they declare the war invalid soon.
  10. Being in the clan, half our players are totally KO. A n D has not wasted any time taking advantage of it (as any clan should lmao, good war :p). Any strategy we had is totally destroyed. Players are coming out of pin and immediately recieveing 65 inc, on the flash, not just gradually, like literally regen clock goes to 0 and bam 65 messages in news feed. It's a shame, this was going to be an intense and close war (I believe we are 7-1). I would have liked to see it played out. Now my clan is going to lose their hard earned Estoc's Edge because of their shitty mistake. A n D and us have been working hard, it is a shame to see both our clans having problems, I respect each of them and feel that both our sides deserve some compensation (although A n D is plowing, heard from some members they have no problems).
  11. The lag is terrible. Ppl are learning they are knocked out in cc before their news show any incoming.
  12. Now he devs say they will "adjust the scores" but not refund xstall and lost mithril. How cheap can you get?
  13. Did you try refreshing the page?
  14. Although its not really what the thread is about, Philosopher brings up a good point.

    Dev's have created a war system that is so fast-paced that their own program can't keep up. I'm not referring to this war in particular, it's a problem with all of them.
  15. I couldn't agree more with this statement, the devs have a server that can't take the very thing they created.
  16. At first I thought I was tripping, because of my hangover...I took a ss of "frog" being KOed 6 times in 5 seconds...But then it just kept happening, and other members noticed...

    Respect to iG Systems for continuing to fight...Im glad to know that it didn't only happen to you guys
  17. I support ur thread asthe same happened to us. Please support ours at feedback section. iZi v Empire
  18. I support ur thread as the same happenedto us. Please support ours at feedback section. Compensation and reinburshment is a must
  19. Support. Same happened with iZi vs Empire