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    Main Frame
    B2B t1-t3 EBs
    Become one of us

    We are a family.
    United we stand.
    Divided we fall.
    We shall stick together to the bitter end.


    At the moment nothing is required except activity and loyalty.
    We value those two above all else.

    We have the usual rules:
    No farming - tell owner if farmed
    No drama
    Be respectful
    Post 2-3 ads a day to help the clan
    Be active! Random activity checks
    Have fun - it's a game

    We are ready to learn and grow, we are willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Join us for quick growth, fun CC and to be part of an up and coming great clan

    Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys,
    We'll rally once again,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
    We will rally from the hillside,
    We'll gather from the plain,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

    We will welcome to our numbers
    The loyal, true and brave,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom;
    And although they may be poor,
    Not a man shall be a slave,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

    So we're springing to the call
    From the East and from the West,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom;
    And we'll hurl the rebel crew
    From the land that we love best,
    Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.
    We shall protect our own.

    Our clan will be united forever
    Our clan will be united infinitely

    Join the family.
    Join Main Frame today :arrow:
  2. Reserved for Q an A
  3. No support. Is against farming. How am I supposed to grow my crop eh?
  4. Lmao another clan
  5. Yes Shadow, and on top of that, both support global famine
  6. I don't own it so hopefully it'll work out xD
  7. You better get some dem' crops in yo' clan, else ya'll gonna starve!

  8. [​IMG]
  9. 'How am I supposed to grow crops?' Then the reply from you is 'Because I'M Batman'???

    Doesn't really make sense?
  10. Nice thread. Hopes the clan goes well.
  11. Pretty sure batman grows his crops without farming?? Duhh
  12. ... That doesn't answer how I'M going to grow MY crops does it though?
  13. I heard if you get enough feathers you can piece them together to make crops :eek:
  14. I have to hit red aperion to do that!
  15. red aperion scares me
  16. Many red, such aperion... Wow
  17. Interesting. Not bad thread so will support the thread.

    Do not support the no farming though.
  18. Support 
  19. I know the no farming is boring, it will change later but for now we need to focus on growing the clan and unlocking EBs. Hopefully y'all can understand that  we don't want problems at this stage of the clan