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  1. Yeah it wouldn't hurt.

    You know what, increase every building one level too...

  2. I'm sure the devs have it in the works
  3. There used to be a forum champ called black hand shifty who spelled his name the same as you do
  4. I have a war lands idea thread that uses 4 new buildings and a castle to augment this new dimension. A 3rd dimension of building for build vs build only play. Its a gold sink and does not effect playing eb's. Its of no harm to those who only play for eb's.

    Ops has not explained what the Level 4 castle would do.
  5. That was me, my old acc was shifter and then BHshifter when I was in Black Hand for a while.Then I was forum banned so i quit kaw and moved to gaw then gaw got shut down and i quit everything all together, but now I'm back. It's a shame the state the forum is in nowadays
    I like the forum champ comment thank you XD
  6. Forum banned and then quit 
    What to say about that?
  7. What?
  8. I was kidding. The guy was a jerk in forums and in-game. He hung off his clan to bully other players. 
  9. Thats where you lie sir, I was pretty well known and respected in forums I wasn't a jerk and I was in Black Hand what did you expect? They hate us cuz they aint us. But lets stay on topic. LVL 4 castle pwease
  10. Wait a minute. You tell your life story and then say stay on topic. Why not have just stayed on topic?
  11. Begone foul Troll!
  12. I would support but only one major issue I see, all the other buildings are maxed at three as well? Wouldn't those have to be changed or ?
  13. What would these buildings do? I'm very interested In hearing this idea. I'm sorry. I'm a forum noob, hence the no effort post.

    I think it would probably unlock new spells and marketplace items. Other lvls and maybe new buildings altogether. Has anyone else noticed how there is a slot for "misc. buildings"?
  14. Sproort
  15. A level 4 castle that one build gives chance for a special spell activation (increses pvp plunder) when hitting other players. After this spells activates it, the castle resets. and having upgrade again to have chace for bonus again. Hope this idea helps?
  16. Orther spell can be eb bonus or something else, but only chance to activated when hitting battle list. And hitting back within 24hrs have chace to stel the spell (does not reset spell timer)
  17. I want a lvl 4 castel that cost 10 tril, gives you 30 mil states and can be destroyed by other players.
  18. I want a lvl 4 castle surrounded by black Demo dragons and cannons on all directions. Also a vault for storing apples