Lure of the Hive

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  1. Hmm it says random amount but I've only seen 5 and 25. Anyone gotten a different number of psion?
  2. I've always had crappy luck with eq ebs.Thank you devs or whoever runs this aspect of kaw.I've earned all three could you just make it easier to get to mage so I can enchant.thx XD
  3. @chaos,
    5, 25, 55, 105, 155, 205, and a massive 525 someone got, this is @ beers and kebabs if you scroll through eb history and chose the lure thingy
  4. Wow, that's great lol
  5. 5 to 25 psion. That's it. Some upgrades are hundreds and you need swarms for ppl to let you in. This is crap. And you can't get anymore after the 15th. Total crap crap crap
  6. Excuse me, in my clan every eb their has been a 55+ and most 105+, you just gotta stick at it and get lucky, i did 12 ebs with 5 psion, last 2 ive done 25 and 55
  7. 0 / 15 and still trying. :p
  8. Well if you don't swarm no **** you'll go 0/15
  9. One of each type of ring that sucks
  10. Increase psion drop and swarmed ring drop rates. **** gold from this eb is not worth all this trouble. Dumb devs :(
  11. Ibi only recall getting 25. I thought that was standard for hitting.
  12. Swarmed three times. Got a ring each time.

    Psions on the other hand.. 25 first time, 5 the second and 5 the third.
  13. Which EBs give hornets
  14. Here's a tracking guide. Credits to Toxiczone.
  15. It's good that the prizes are hard to get... If everyone has the best then it's pointless
  16. I like this new idea devs
  17. gonna be a lot of rage when it ends and you cant get enough psion to enchant.

    Props to including stats you "might" be able to get
  18. Anyone have trouble with hornets not combining into swarm? Done 2 ebs since last lure eb, over 1500 hornets, but no swarm yet.
  19. @arak
    You have to collect more horns to have a 1000 hornets form into a swarm. Yah it's stupid in that sense. The hornets should form after completing an eb not collect more