Lure of the Hive

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  1. unfortunately not a glitch
  2. To answer people's problems if you have one swarm and over a 1000 hornets and you use a swarm the 1000 plus hornets will not convert into a swarm until you do an eb that gets more hornets.
  3. HOLY CRAB!!! Whatta eb... Min $ u can get from this EB, and 5 pison.. Or whatever it is ... Lol unbelievable .! Lol will take forever '
  4. I was asking a question on page 10. Does ee affect drop rates? Seems to me like it does. Can this be confirmed devs?
  5. @footch
    I believe ee does help. Ee helps with plunder and item drops
  6. Dev, I suggest swarm ring get better enchant stat after 10 cos its a especially equip
  7. all i know is that ive done quite a few of the new ebs and dropped swarms everytime except for one, and i havent got anything but the mage stuff to upgrade the rings with. So much for using swarm for a higher chance of getting drops. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Yep I've done a few and only got the min 5 psion per eb
  9. I cant get enough psion to upgrade to max!!I better use my old ring...Even the stats are almost the same..i wont worry myself
  10. For those that use the swarm should be only ones who get to be able to hit the eb. It's not fair when I perhaps use a swarm and only get 8 other actions in when someone else attacked got a ring and didn't give up a swarm!
  11. Devs u fail big time. Not everyone is able to do this eb back to back because we r small. Drop rates and gold are sheet. You are big FAILURE
  12. To all the ring winners it would be best to hold off enchanting these rings till near the end of the promo,you never know you could get the Swarm ring towards the end of the promo and that requires 1000 Psion.And congrats KAW-Com for keeping HTE and RotWB low paying for hornets but the number should have been lower still.
  13. this is a lucky promo. hate luck in this game. you need to work for it.
    every one want the rare ring and after 2 weeks the people who workt for it have nothing. only the people with a golden dick.
  14. Devs, please increase the drop rate of the psion thing and please do a good looking level 11 and 12 for the equip (like you did with the hunt equips). ️
  15. B2b not possible even if you have large clan holding over 2000 hornets each because emerald hornets do not convert to swarm after one is used. You have to play another eb then it swarm forms. What a fail!
  16. @aedn, you can get the eb almost b2b if you mix a few battle royale's in the mix
  17.  "b2b" means one after the other
  18. Punk ass bitches stop moaning ffs why don't you request a bot that attacks for you and for them to raise the drop rate of the rings to 100 percent while your at it. -_- Then everyone's got exactly the same stuff because lives just fair like that right?

    Swear down gamers are getting lazier and lazier (which is impressive tbf)

    I just hope they release some more of these cause the equipment looks amazing easily some of there best artwork even the eb picture is cool rivals the scrag one imo.

    All in all great promo devs 
  19. I get the whole swarm convert after an eb to make sure one use per person per lure eb. One problem is the psion drop rate. I did the math, and just to fully upgrade the swarm ring, you would have to do a minimum of 14 lure ebs every day until the end. That is a insane b amount considering you need 20 swarms per eb. The psion drop rate should at least double to give a fighting chance to upgrade 2 rings fully. Would be very very tough but double. Right now you'd have to choose which ring, and not sleep till the 15th