LSA Declares War.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by RexLSA, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Why you bump this?
  2. Cause he's so butt hurt
  3. Ta guele Gros con.
  4. May I point out tat one of the most revolutionary leaders (Napoleon) was of French decent and birth, His ambition and drive conquered much of Europe in his campaigns and was an extremely good at tactics and as a general creating some of the most up to date and elite fighting forces in Europe at the time, it took a Coalition of 4 allied nations to actually defeat is advances which went as far as Russia in the far east, Austria, Prussia and even the elite navies of Great Briton. Him along with his protectorate of Spain nearly controlled a huge proportion of Europe. So please stop trash talking the French as they have always managed to repel English invades in the past as well.

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  5. No tommy but that was a good guess. Papabear from HoG was looking for this thread so I bumped it for him. He wanted to find out what was so disturbing as to call in the entire OG alliance against one clan.
  6. Thats not exactly the words he used... But okay 
  7. Awe thank you for that Mourga. How nice of you to hit the fast forward button like that. Bet that didn't turn out like ya thought. 
  8. Who's "winning"?
  9. No it wasn't Zrek. Wasn't close to our conversation.
    And to set the record straight, it's not entire OG alliance. It's not even close.
    A few members here and there went to assist French and Sexy, because they're literally so small, they can't finish any EBs, so alliance goes and assists them.
    Check their EB history, go back 20 days.
    Then, you have one other clan involved from OG besides us. So, before we joined the war, technically, they were heavily outnumbered.

    So Fact is: before HoG joined and a few mercs from sicniss joined to help, LSA and Zerg highly outnumbered the other clans involved.

    I didn't ask to bump this thread . Please don't put words in my mouth. I simply couldn't believe entire OG alliance was involved, which in fact it's very few.

    TL;DR version: Uh uhhh girlfriend 
  10. G'day Sheila you really need to listen to the bears 
  11. So why did they start this OSW if they didn't have enough members? Seems like they don't know what they are doing to me. But trying to be rude, but I am curious
  12. Judging by your roster seems we doing just fine. In fact, FnS did a fine job of stripping people before I sauntered over.

    Oh, and Borgcube did FnS a huge solid by stripping himself. That saved FnS 10T.
  13. Didnt care to read through this thread more than the first page. Just here to support my family and good to see I get to face some old friends in osw. Been a close friend with LSA since my noob years. Should be fun. Lets keep this respectful  Happy kawing

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  14. support from wdgaf if tommygunz doesnt rest we will bsck zerg up