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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Lol its just hits returned tough guy
  2. Geez Kid. So testy. Time to change your shorts.

    Am I not allowed to ask how it would affect ASW?

    As for reading, there have been dozens of threads made by players (myself included) giving ideas how to improve EE, and none of them said they should ignore our builds and play with LL only. Maybe the devs should bother reading as well.

    Pretty easy to predict what will happen:

    An ideal LL war build will emerge, mostly likely something that can plunder from pin. Everyone will copy that build, since manipulating LL is fairly cheap, and it will be a turtle war fest. Ppl will get bored from the turtling and we will be back where we started.
  3. In the best clans for years? I don't remember ever seeing you in EE back during S1-3...
  4. So now you want to lie about hitting me first 

    Cmon you got a big and bad build. Don't let little old me get to you
  5. Silver was returned you were just hit for your mouth
  6. You think cause you spent money to get a big build your better than others? Well I can hit you and I did come at you and now you are PnZ
  7. Great.. Support until polished not broken.

    Btw, instead of integrating later, how about progressing:
    High land wars :)
    Hoarfrost wars ;)
    Abyss wars? :D

    It would be group by tier and you could increase the rewards, too.
  8. Well ask around. I could care less. And now u want to farm me too? Lol
  9. So glad Devs.

    Thank you :)
  10. @Kaw,

    A great step forward to implementing a new way of warring and making the community happy!

    With that, I have some few suggestions in mind!

    :arrow: Raise the Knockout Timer for the first few wars to around 15 minutes.

    In regular Individual Wars, we have Random, Advantage and Classic! The KO timer is 5-13 minutes max depending on the mode of the war. But if the Knockout Timer on any 1 mode of war is raised to 15 minutes, it gives the smaller players more time to react upon to situations. 5 minutes would be too small, because for example if there happens to be an experienced EE player versus a smaller player who has little to no experience in warring, it can happen that for the smaller player one blink and he's out of KO and gets Ko'ed again!

    :arrow: Don't allow pure spies to war!

    You can be 99% spy build, but you must have at least 1 troop building regardless of which spy build you are. This is to prevent huge gold exploits as there are often situations where a pure spy can open himself and in a few minutes the players of the opposing team suddenly make astronomical amounts of plunder that essentially render the opposing team unable to catch up to the plunder gap, making the war pretty much one-sided in a flash!

    This second suggestion here, although will definitely not favour the pure spies it will completely eliminate the problem of hitting pure spies with gold out and the possibility of making one-sided wars! (I welcome any player that tries to criticise this!)

    Thanks for listening and have a nice day everyone! :D
  11. @likelynotsosexyvix

    How arrogant and narrow are you?!

    When have rewards ever been tiered to build size? They are the same based on how well you did whether BC or SH. you NEVER got rewarded more for "the build you worked and paid for", only for the effort you put into the wars themselves. I've not warred in a while but I bet the cost is the same for everyone still 1 measly crystal per war

    What does build size have to do with anything? If CS are similar and it's only build structure that changes anything, then by and by the system should work the same except with more fair match ups. (Before you insert whiny, "I paid to bigger and better" crap, remember that match ups were supposed to draw an EVEN matchup with other "paid to be bigger and better" peeps, yet there weren't enough for that

    If you are 100M CS fighting a 100M CS opponent, or 5M CS fighting a 5M CS opponent the war is the war. You base tactics on match up and those who are more experienced and tactically sound win right?

    So if rewards are the same, the wars are similarly fought, and the results are based on the same efforts as before. The only thing I can see is that this allows more players to get involved.

    Is that what scares you? More players to actually give competition? Hell if you are as profound as you portray yourself to be then that superior skill and experience of yours should wipe the floor with all these noobs coming in right?

    So proud of the money spent tho huh. Way to pay for something you don't even own just for arbitrary stats winner winner VIRTUAL chicken dinner
  12. For 1 you didn't state it in a question format
    2 I'm not bring testy bro lol only one who needs to change their shorts is you lol it just looks like you only pointing out negatives and complaining that you built up big for no reason.

    3 no hard to realize they won't implement this in ASW cause every year they've done a ASW it's always been top 10k... when Indis came it wasn't top 10k individual wars. Lol you got a brain my friend. And good reading eyes.:)

    4 yes everything has it downsides and things are get taken advantage of but that's never gonna change no matter what lol never has never will. That also goes with ideas. They only take whatever they want to. Not much a small team can work on all at once lol.
  13. Better watch out cynder. She will KO you and then xstal back to full. She paid to do so! Now give her her incentives
  14. People should realize that fair and balanced is not necessarily a good thing for a game like this.

    If all things are fair, and winning strategy will be discover and copied. The skill of the game will be lost and winners will be whomever has the fastest thumbs or wifi connection.

    It's the element of randomness and need to adapt to changing conditions that make poker a superior game to chess, for example.
  15. If you haven't clued into the reasoning behind this: THE REASON WARS AND MATCHES SUCK IS BECAUSE OF TOO LITTLE PARTICIPATION.

    No amount of fixes, algorithm changes, forum ideas, etc, etc will do anything if you only have a increasingly smaller number of people signing up.

    To INCREASE participation you need to open up wars to the LARGEST number of players possible. This includes new players, who like most of us, won't hit ebs for years just to be able to play a war game system in a war game.

    By making it lowlands only, you get the highest level of participation, which increases the odds of close match ups, and decreases the range in clan strength again resulting in fewer "cheats".

    The devs made it clear they plan on eventually including bfe/bfa. However the common sense approach is to start at the least complex level to test the system before progressing forward.

    The fact that people that supposedly want wars to return are complaining screams that they have solely been relying on the money they spend on the game, and actually would get spanked in a fair fight.

    Also, all Star Wars are laughable, it's a random group hoping they have fewer inactives than another random group that hopes they were blessed with better leader boarders. To brag about asw victories is about as cool as bragging about were you were born. The reality: you had nothing to do with it. But you are providing us with laughs, so keep on it.
  16. If this makes warring more fair , more fun and more competitive then i am all for it

    To be determined
  17. Is there an expected date of arrival?
  18. Where are u even getting this all from? Did i say anything regarding rewards? I said these wars are geared towards small builds. I meant all lands should be involved with match ups as we did pay and work to get the stats.
  19. Wrong
  20. UnsexyVix 0'd again
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