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Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Yes, the only reason to do be BC is to do EE.
  2. Hi KAW_Admin,

    I have 2 Questions;

    1. If my LL is All SOS (minus castle), what will happen to My Troops strength if I am an Attack or Hybrid build Overall?

    2. Does the numbers Of Troops and Spies remains as per current level or as per LLBC?

    Best Regards
  3. Today is awesome. First my 4 year badge. Now new wars. Yay!!!
  4. I bet a lot of people had to check their LL
  5. I am glad that you are attempting to implement ideas that will make wars fair for all 
  6. Let me answer the question for you. On this LL wars, if your LL is filled with SOS. Then you will only get spies on the war and the number of troops and spies depends on the type of buildings you have in LL.
  7. Im known enough thanks
  8. If that is true..than I can easily setup another alt to do this LL Wars.
  9. LL Tanks Now 

  10. I'm not sure what problem you see with towers. Up to now the exploits were all sh/gh.
  11. I support the war lands, could be called something cooler though lol
  12. Gotta love all the mods kissing dev butt. 

    So if only LL counts then why the hell have I been giving you money to grow?

    Does BFA/BFE factor in?

    ASW should still be the big boys vs the big boys. None of this LL crap.

    Not sure how this will stop ppl warring with all the same cookie cutter builds.
  13. Exactly frog
  14. Cyn hasn't been playing in like over a year and by his own admission hasn't EE warred. Considering this is an EE thread and not a farmer thread, one should entertain the possibility another player might be more knowledgable about EE than Cyn.
  15. They never included anything about ASW in this and did you even read all of it??? It's to implement fairness not easy wars for the side your on. They also said bfa and bfe don't count for now. It will later be turned on. So plz read the entire thing before smashing on the devs for trying to make wars fair. That goes to everyone. I for one see this as a good change and that the devs are thinking of us smaller folk and everyone. :)
  16. Who's giving Sexy vix lip ?

    Hmmmmmmm 

    Whts this thread about?
  17. Who would do such a thing ?
  18. My lowland is all SOS

    So you mean I get to role play as a naughty PS in war???

    Will mechanics change to adapt to our fake LL build during war or will I still not be considered a PS mechanic wise, only stat wise? Couldn't interpret this from the original post.
  19. Haha just a silvernooblet and cynderspaz. Its about the devs trying to start warlands using only lowlands. Geared towards smaller builds. Oh well for us.
  20. Actually this is about a new war system. Yeah I haven't EE'd since the beginning there are probably some out there who know more. I even entertained that possibility. Then she spoke. And I quickly laughed at that possibility of it being her.

    Then she started hitting me and silver. But she already said she needs incentives to war. So I hope she has an end game. Cuz I don't give a **** 
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