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  1. All wars are garbage
  2. Exactly uncle joey no clan much warring these days so whats the point having ll wars
  3. And only 15 but still struggle to fill.its not a good sign,ll war only one clan can fill a good warriors coz of lack partcipants, then the rest will be ffa ,coz cant fill good warriors so it will be ffa, ffa will raise white flag for the stacked team ,

    Unlike before i can fill 100 people in 100vs 100 war, back in a days, i miss the old days off estoc edge war
  4. Everything is already summarized, no point repeating it again and again. let's wait for other 2 days and see what devs gonna do for next event. If they really care about wars you will see the difference in rewards and other things mentioned earlier. If not just quit or play what they are giving and wait for warriors to quit.
  5. This. This is what we need.
  6. Lowland War should start in 30 minutes and not a single match up in Clan Events.
    It's time to let this die.
    Maybe in the future when more people start to partake in Indy Wars they can push it into Clan Wars.
  7. But there is a match...
  8. I kid you not, in didn't pop up for me lol