Lowland wars dying?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. No_Exceptions aka Vros aka xHte aka Mint's clan are cheaters!!!
  2. And that's a forum ban but we all know cheating is very alive in kaw not naming any names.
  3. Remove pc version of kaw. Bring back 2 hour indi wars with 25 vs 25 roster.
  4. Because indi wars aren't broken or anything..
  5. 25 vs 25 is very bad idea they cheaters will send more alts to screw the roster. Best is 10 vs 10. For LB players and BC players should war 5 vs 5 so for us small common players don't get mixed with them. Any players non LB get mixed with them get eaten by glitch troops no fail yet we can't win to get any action. Let the big spender play with each other. LB 200 and up should have their own category. LB 200 to 400 should have their own category. Any small account who is on that slot can be thrown with the big boys so they can change or stay on their war strategy. The rest can mixed to 10 vs 10 or 15 vs 15
  6. Yes, remove PC version of KaW so people who only play PC can't play, numb nuts.
  7. For warring it will actually balance the playing level. After all half of the battle with pc against pc is who has the better connection.
  8. Ded
  9. Aaaand they are dead.
  10. Sorta is returning
  11. There's so much to be done to fix wars.

    Something needs to be done with LL- FFA clans need to be banned, some more spice needs added into the wars.

    Indi, there's about 4 brackets- the gap between cr1 and cr13 is too great 90% of the times. Open ps, no allies hidden, lack of war commanders and trackers. There's just some wars when you make time in the day to do, and the match sucks. Myth equip is useless, too many legends/events. People are constantly chasing items etc and the war rewards lack massively- we need another season- or war equip, or banners (stick a banner in the war legend and I guarantee you'll have 5000 people wanting to war ) lel
  12. I Faced a 600mcs with a brand new 7mcs acc for indi
  13. Sums it up pretty well yeah.
    No reason to war
    Indi wars broken
    Ffa wars get almost as much as serious
    Frikkin moles
  14. I'll cast for lowlands join your team and fight

    But first give me charms
  15. Maybe netherwars would work. Fifty circles to cast for war, then all plunder during the war would be ×7. If i made 16 bil a hit, and 120 for a ko, maybe it would make some sense.Also would need to rain inferno and aqua, like the eb.
    Wont help lowland much tho, 7x that plunder is still crap.
  16. Only 2-3 good clans left, cutie squad, no_exceptions and maybe exis if they can beat those other 2 serious clans lmao.