Lowland War Feedback

Discussion in 'Lowland Wars Open Beta' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Would like different war types like classic & adv please
  2. Remove the option to use items... Slow and annoying. Forces players to sell all ATTACK pots.
  3. exactly.
  4. Pls devs
    This can get annoying when going from Indi to LL
  5. I wish we had low land individual wars as well.
  6. Requesting lock
    This could go into wc OP.Lol.
    We need indi lowland..
  7. Full support...
    But other than that ll wars are fine. Would just like more variety. (Adv n classic)
  8. Pls
  9. No... Just no. Noob builds can cast indi and fight other noob builds tyvm. Ll is a way to recreate clan unity that was lost with indis. Don't take that away from the good players pls.
  10. I keep getting error in the middle of the war, need to restart app 10x during war
  11. Still confused on this update.
  12. Compensation for NM. Its not that hard ffs
  13. Fully support. Waste of gold and time selling and re buying every time.
  14. This lowland no dtw/dts still not work. Ps1 on repin was zero spy can't ako by tank. Zs mean he had troops why can't ako if he had troops. Otherwise that no dtw/dts not work. It like usual lowland war tank can't hit ps1 if no gold.
  15. Interesting 🤔
  16. Can we get Rostered LL wars for the weekends?