Lowering medallion requirement for season 5 rewards

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  1. Thumbs up does nothing.
  2. I'm 0/10 n i think S6 should give a reward for the worst record.

    The Golden Crapper Achievement
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  4. 
  5. I guesstimate i will do 70-80 wars.

    Odds i can go for 0/70-80 r?

    If i do can i get 1 xtal pls
    Throw a dog a bone
  6. Full Support:
  8. People can also get the silver crapper and bronze (stays brown)
  9. Because they have a real life and as you just admitted no one attacks you all war with your bfa and you pay less so why bother. You have free reign all war because of this. War a normal account v accounts of a similar cs and if youre still top I'll stand corrected noob
  10. My only problem so far is the fact that there's no war between 7am and 4pm. Next week I won't be able to war at all on the week days as my work hours go over the 4pm and 9pm wars. Which is going to put my seriously miles behind. So much so I doubt I'll even get 50 medals.
  11. What do you mean by normal account? There's nothing special about my account, I just decided to spend trillions in allies instead of upgrading... Being 60m+ CS is overrated... 

    Oh and I do a have a RL, I just missed a war cause I decided to spend the time with my family :)

    Not too hard to put 4hrs a day into a game if it's gonna get me a badass banner lol
  12. Nerd
  13. Dem cheap builds be cray cray
  14. Im reading this thread n beginning to wonder....do people doing so many wars super rich n dont have to work...or bums.....or 5. Im just trying to figure it out Lol
  15. Stop trying to shoot for 100 medals - statistically you'd need to avg 25 wars a week. That's 3-4 wars a day.

    I think top 100 will be around 68 medals - which should b 17 wars a week which is 2-3 wars a day.

    Aim for 68 medals
  16. Top hundred is already 21 medals. Might go above 100 :)