Lowering medallion requirement for season 5 rewards

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Cobra, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. I'm an inactive alt nub. Burst a vein there? Stupid much?
    Your 360k attack wins explains why you got butthurt over my post. :lol:
    Nice build drop there.
  2. Aren't you a drop build cort? I remember you much bigger
  3. Aye. I dropped cause I quit.
    Simple, not to exploit wars and toot my horn whilst doing so.

    You got a nice build. How does it feel beating up noobs who can barely war?
  4. right. drop build whining about drop builds. got it. but he's not a drop build. he just dropped his build cause of other reasons. but not a drop build tho.
  5. I am building up.
    I didn't do it to exploit wars like yourself. 
    Which defeats your argument, fact is you're a coward and afraid to face actual grown accounts. Hence the drop to beat on noobs.
  6. and beat on you i shall
  7. Actually chuck is in my bracket and we don't face many noobs :) I pay about 60m to most in my bracket (if they can win on me ). And if getting a triple crown nearly every war is so easy for my build, why isn't every ssh on 80 medals? o_O
  8. The medallion requirement for the equips is set high so you actually have to TRY. Quit ya whining and go war.
  9. 10 days?? What?? It's been like 5 days. 30 days in total. 30/5=6 . 6x20(medals of top 100)=120medals. They're gonna pass 100 medals.
  10. Still a noob though Tom Tom 
  11. Done 8 wars, won 5. 100 seems like a dream if you war 2 times a day
  12. 100 medallions is not to be meant to be reached by everyone, you're simply not willing to sacrifice enough to reach 100.
  13. I want to war again but my build is terrible rn
  14. 0/9..0 medals..rewards r fine
  15. I've seen people win with worse builds. You never know til you try your luck bud
  16. Idk but does anyone else get sick of ppl always wanting easier rewards for every event?

    Thumbs down if u agree