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  1. Devs are still running beta EE? Trying to make money fixing problems that they create from more "fixes" that don't fix anything or releasing new stuff...like paladin equip, tournament wars etc

    Old wars were good. More strategy involved. Dtw? Isn't it the same as "an unfair match" where the apparently stronger clan pins/KOs the whole opposite roster (all dtw due to KO/sko) and then a bunch of them sitting on you for when you are out of KO (same as scanning roster in old war version just players didn't have the system to time regens and spoonfeed players). In "unfair match up", I find no pleasure sitting on KO targets nor being sit upon when KOed depending whether I'm on the stronger or weaker side. In OLD wars, winning was fun, intra clan competition, not last-hit pure-luck, while losing just provided more enthusiasm and promoted teamwork to fight harder. Or Mercing. Now? Just be a sitting duck.

    P.S: oh yeah, I can fully see how ATA is promoting clan loyalty by the loss of EE when moving clans yet limiting clan members being able to participate or fixing a minimum. Mercs would have solved this? They usually like to war, are generally friendly, and everyone gets to learn various strategies, share experiences make more friends maybe? Really don't see anything better in new EE wars - using KO as a new term to dtw and even making it easier by props in CC even if auto-timed LOL. Would have been better sticking to old wars and tweak them, e.g: create new clans, create opt in, and auto move participants for war while self balancing teams. Fairer match-up both in numbers and strength similar to the way ASW is held

    Yup didn't write clearly and some thoughts may not be properly conveyed but heck: bring back old wars and apply some of the changes if you can't fix your Beta(!) EE.

    Just wanted to vent  Didn't know what subject title...Troll at your own risk
  2. To late to change anything now 
  3. Amen Lu.

    Val and I have come up with a PvP alternative to EE wars, maybe read it if you have time? It's my thread in active topics.

  4. Hi lu

    Could not disagree with you more this wars are great for team building for tactics and are so much more fun the weekend you where stronger than us had more spies and should have beaten us the reason you did not because you did not war as a team you had ppl xtral after 10 mins

    The last few weeks the match ups have been very fair in my view of course and we have had some great wars

    The whole mercs thing is terrible also these wars make or break clans and by the EE KEEPING ppl in clan I personally think the devs could not come up with a better system
    Work on team work and staying as a unit and your do well
    Yea ko,s help for timing and such like but I'd rather much be hitting than spending 12 hrs seeing dtw like old wars ie last seasons wars lr stayed dtw whole war was an amazing job
    Thanks for reading just my point of view
  5. I was thinking the same thing about auto join into clans that auto balance.
  6. For what it's worth, Op was a LOT more philosophical about EE and its obvious borkage when the tower 'exploit' was considered a 'strategic' play.

    Just sayin' 
  7. Well said Lu.
  8. Agree. I like EE wars but they are, if anything even worse than the old wars. Old wars rewarded activity.

    Being DTW may not have been a skill but doing it for 12 solid hours whilst constantly scanning opposition for targets showed commitment. Also was a great leveller. Anyone could match anyone.

    Now, strength is supreme. Be it in the form of greater BFA (equipment doesn't count though.. Seems legit) or greater numbers. Don't kid yourself that xtalling as a team counts as strategic.

    You will never have a 'fair' match up and therefore the system is flawed. Old system was much fairer in that respect.

    All that will happen is eventually people will get bored of the mismatches and the system will die a death. It's happening even now..

    Quite like the PvP idea floating around as a replacement FWIW.
  9. Truth surfaces once again
  10. The devs have done this set up strictly because you HAVE to crystal to win. In the old war you never HAD to crystal. Simply pop out if pin and catch your target sleeping and you've gotten your wins. If someone fell asleep then you roll the whole clan over them. As far as the asw setup goes I think this would be wonderful if the devs were not stuck up certain players asses. During every single allstar war the devs have stacked the teams. The outcome was known before the wars ever started. The devs have their favorite toys they like to win and they prove it constantly.

    @dear devs,

    Try not to make it so blatantly obvious from now on its insulting. "Kaw" can say what he wants. We see what actually happens. This is a 9 game and most of us are the .
  11. Well said lu lu 
  12. I really do miss pwar era.. Remember putting 10 spies in the osf side and keeping the enemy guessing while raising strip funds? Or turning the gold over to your lb player so he stays on the lb and all their efforts seem futile??

    Pwar added an uncontrollable dimension to wars. I OSW'd more during pwars than now.. It was easier and way more fun.

    I'd do an EE for the bonus but not because I enjoy them, I'd rather watch a movie twice.
  13. There is no way to create a perfect system unless it is brutally tested by everyone in KAW. And with that, you will find that every opinion will be countered by an opposing opinion. There is no way to satisfy everyone.


    IMO the old wars were dead. The system needed a shake up like this. I don't see how any changes to the current SW format would have increased SW activity. They created a buzz, and everyone jumped on board, hence the debate.

    The opinion that ATA has implemented a system that is good for their pocketbook isn't incorrect. They are a business. Suppose you employed a ton of people, how would you pay them? They will always try to increase profit, but at the expense of 2 crystals per warring player...I see that as pretty fair.

    Two crystals is the cost to war, I don't see a problem with that. If you want to war, but not have to spend, it is still possible. You just don't get that added KO factor of having xtals at the ready.