Limitless Nobs! (secret finally revealed)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Moose2, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Cough! Cough!

    Unlimited Nobs. :)

    Just do quests:
    3. To catch a thief
    6. Unwelcome guests
    Repeatedly.... These two quests drop nobs.

    Go For It!!!
  2. Should have put the letter k before every time u said nob..
  3. BRILLIANT!!!!
  4. Amazing! I found like four nobs in my couch :D
  5. Well I don't see a coin slot on the pc or idevice. How can you spend the loose change? Posted for the kids and all.
  6. Thx moose I have so many nobs now!
  7. There IS a way to get free nobs u need to discover it I did
  8. You forgot vending machines. Shake them, so that you get a free drink and get some nobs! Check the change slot too, found some nobs there too.
  9. How to get ALOT of nobs:

    Note: only works one day a year.

    Pretend to be Santa

    You get the gist....

    P.S. if you get caught and put to jail, say it was his idea
  10. Also you can dress up as a homeless person and hold up a sign that you need help desperately. You should stand by freeway exits, I've seen people give out a lot of Nobs :|
  11. Bump for the rofl 
  12. 