Limitless Nobs! (secret finally revealed)

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  1. What's with very one coloring their words
  2. I don't know which color I should use. Blue is safe on iDevice but not that legible on PC.
  3. I recommend the colour " black". It's easiest to read
  4. I agree with Moose -.-
  5. Very Creative/funny ;) nice job moose
  6. Thanks! Lol. I was inspired by another forumer who wanted a T5 building that produced a nob a day, or something like that.

    I read his suggestion and thought "Bah! We can do better than that!"
  7. Lol also under the seats in your car you can find nobs!Or in drawers sometimes you find nobs :)
  8. Some of us just use the 5 finger discount .
    Also if you tell the person behind the cash register the secret password "I have a gun" he will give you raw nobs...
    just imagine a kid getting a gun and threatening people just to get nobs .

    *disclaimer I am not responsible if the police like to ruin your fun 
  9. [​IMG]

    I tried this but I had to spend the money on my own therapy- sickos!!!
  10. Moose = epic fail.
  11. But all these sources have run dry? my parents say thanks for cleaning up my house and doing so much laundry tho brownie points?
  12. Nob Farm:
    Stand out side my SoupKitchen and buy Soup for those who are not allowed to buy from me. Make sure to charge the people an extra dollar.

    Beware, doing this will get you banned from my SoupKitchen unless you split profit's with me at 50% of profit's.
  13. Hahaha Rockstar!
  14. Bumping for the player in forum who wants new ways to get Xtals. This technique works for those too :D
  15. Damn moose, I thought you would be promoting farming by saying, attack these players to randomly get nobs: ...
  16. Lies!!!!!!! :( there was no nobs in the couch