Limitless Nobs! (secret finally revealed)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Moose2, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Made it to page 14 then got lazy,lol,has anyone mentioned the collection plate at church??? Good place to look for nobs ;-) lol
  2. Lmao this is hilarious
  3. i looked in my wallet and i thought i had a 20 in there but it turned out to be 200 nobs
  4. IGropeCarebears… HIT HIM!
  5. Note: harvesting dads nobs is not a sustainable business
  6. Hmm actually doesn't 10¢=1 nob?
  7. A good spot to look is in ur parents wallet or purse  take as much as u can without them knowing, easily 100s of nobs.
    JK JK DON'T DO IT
    that'd b bad an stealing is wrong
    Happy kawing
  8. I just made 1000000 nobs thanks to this thread!
  9. 
  10. I hear old people have plenty of nobs laying around really easy to get those nobs
  11. Lmao 
    Moose, this is why ur my Favourite 
    Good job bro
    Happy KaWing
  12. Lol or cystal mine hilarious guide tho
  13. Mommy and daddy's credit card works well too