Lili & roni's lonely hearts match-making services

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by II-roni-II, Nov 30, 2015.

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    lol at least I have goods 
  2. Re: Lili

    I have goods. Good Goods to be exact. Strawberry good goods.
  3. Another load of dribble. What is it with making stupid threads roni? Are you seriously that bored?
  4. Re: Lili

    Mhmmmmm only catfishes are so quick to call pretty girls catfishes to draw attention off of themselves
  5. i make great threads smokey. Just because bootsy cryed out to you to come and help her out .Thats a nice love heart on bootsys wall smokey you playboy !
  6. this song goes out to all you -V- groupies M.O " the boy is mine "
  7. Bootsy you live such a lie. I am definitely a catfish...clearly a catfish would choose me skinny unhealthy socially awkward and 16 with crap mental health history...yeah...they would choose thatbover the alias of a 'pretty girl'
  9. Originality please. At least some. You are lower than a post count farmer.
  10. Thread derailed

  11. I honestly don't care about your life story.

    When you start talking crap to me out of the blue prepared to get the crap returned. Don't try to step up when you can't handle it. I may be rude and whatever but only to those that have deserved it.

    So go cry to someone else about your personal issues
  12. Hmmm. Explain how I am deserving of your 'wrath'?
  13. It is definitely low self esteem. Go get referred to a therapists and come out a better person.
  14. she deffinantly has low self esteem . she says she lives in luxury while all of us live in squaler .Yet she has been on kaw for hours talking on forums.yes her real life is so fabulous.
  15. Re: Lili

    It is pretty fabulous
  16. so fabulous that you spent all thanksgiving holiday on kaw.
  17. Re: Lili

    Lmfao I came back to Kaw the day after thanksgiving nice try tho
  18. Re: Lili

    Plus those in the military don't exactly get to spend holidays with their family. If I gave a crap I'd be offended
  19. nah. that'd be too much at that time
  20. Re: Lili

    Do me
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