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  1. Over 40 pages Grats roni
  2. hi Grizzy thankyou . and jump to it then -v- i thought you was gonner get me banned earlyier yet all mouth no action . now you can get me silenced too so you say so go for it .
  3. Better than watching a radio interview ehh roni? Lmao ill give roni this she can take a pounding and still be dtw for days..... lol good luck with the thread roni.
  4. Loithes is the alt of devilDragonOfDarkness who reset in the middle of the invictus osw versus wdgaf like a chicken and left kaw .resetting to escape and run from the osw. hes a dkod moron.
  5. Re: Lili

    Still trying to figure out what I just read for 20 minutes.......
  6. I hear you reset an account too... On a clanmate. Sounds like you're a
  7. Re: Lili

    I'm really confused, does this thread have a point?

    Besides being used as a perfect example of how NOT to construct sentences.

    Are we playing who's alt am I?

    Who's alt am I? You'll never get it.
  8. Sounds like they deserved it.
  9. Don't know lili... Roni keeps talking about clan loyalty then she resets n account on a member. All I've seen roni do in these threads is stroke her own ego and be a huge hypocrite about everything that comes out of her mouth. It's quite sickening to say the least ...
  10. exactly right Lili theres a big difference in the reason . rio knowing peoples alts is a important thing to know in this game. They could be in your clan for months as a spy.they could be a bank . theres many reasons that knowing them comes in handy. they could volley gold to the other account etc. and sugar _ if it takes you 20 minites to read this thread and be confused about it . commen sense should have clicked in after the first few pages . to register with you this thread isnt a topic you can relate to and dont read any more. Dont worry though we plan to write a thread on bacon .that should be more on your level.
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    A big difference? clan loyalty is clan loyalty. I doubt you would have been kicked if u reset your account on a spy. God you're dumb . Now, who has no clan loyalty ?
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    Oh. And I still have a wall pass to leave my clan  fool
  13. poor silverbullet trying his hardest to use my own words i spoke about him against me. i have plenty of clan loyalty . i did 8 months in Fury in the osw against apoc . while other FV members went elsewhere i went straight into fury and continued fighting. silverbullet does fake wall passes on his own wall .to pretend he can go visiting . and he goes visits friends outside apoc when apoc are still in osw. i reset other alts on apoc When they hired them . i didnt need to do that and erase time id spent on them growing them if i had no clan and alliance loyalty. you dont know me at all silverbullet. as i said before you are just a cog in apocs wheel while i bring something different into the equation .
  14. You bring something different all right 
  15. and by the way i dont need to stroke my own ego. i stay quiet about my history until morons and bandwagon jumpers try to insult me and talk down to me .then i will flip my ego right back on them . dont keep prodding if you cant handle the response that gets unleashed.
  16. also i fighted dragonDevilofDarkness for a long time over 2 years .From when he used be os-dragon22 until he reset when he was in dkod . he threatened me many times he will farm me into reset .yet what did he do before he could carry out his threat lol .he chickened out of the wdgaf osw.
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    I'm still enjoying the fact that V turned out to be a plonker
  18. yes ha as soon as he got nominated as a plonker he bite the dust and gone.
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  20. Re: Lili

    Im still enjoying your last build drop
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