Level 4 Guild Change

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  1. First, thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for an update about this issue.

    We are making some small changes to the Level 4 Guild to address the current imbalance when this building is used to create a Guild Hansel build.

    We feel we need to correct this imbalance in order to continue to grow the game.

    We will be lowering the upper hit range that a Guild Hansel build can hit. We will also be making a small reduction in the plunder cap to make the Level 4 Guild fall in line with the rest of the buildings in the game. We may adjust further based on the results if we find that we have changed the plunder or hit range too far in either direction.

    We plan to do this next week, on Thursday November 28th, giving players approximately 1 week to prepare.

    Your feedback is welcome.

    Some people are asking for more details. Guild level 4 will have it's plunder cap and hit range reduced slightly to put in proper balance with the Stronghold of Shadow Level 1.

    EDIT: removed a bit about how it bridges the tiers because it's causing confusion and doesn't add anything.

    Update from middle of the thread:

    Great question. I didn't want to answer this because you guys tend to jump down my throat about EVERYTHING. But I think it deserves an answer.

    GHs were an exciting and interesting strategy. There were two imbalances from our perspective. They could hit higher up than they should have been able to and they earned more plunder than they should based on the rest of the build balance in the game.

    As equipment gets stronger the GH became a more and more attractive build for players: cheap, easy earnings, win war equip! GREAT!

    But the problem is that it means a lot of players are not progressing in the game because GH is too attractive.

    We would rather adjust the balance of GH and do things like 3x Haunts to create new ways to earn gold so players are encouraged to continue to grow and build new buildings.

    It wasn't the wars themselves, or even the plunder. We want people to progress further in the game and we feel the GH build has become one barrier to this growth.

    It was a tough decision, we like seeing players come up with interesting strategies and to play the game differently than intended, but this particular issue, we felt needed to be addressed.
  2. So does this mean that SOS will pay better than guilds after this update?
  3. By how much are you changing it? Specifics would be really nice :)
  4. 1 ******* week to prep? What the hell plunder do you think guild hansels make?
  5. I'm gonna crystal like hell!!! 
  6. We'll soon find out. I hope SoS gets a plunder boost a wee bit? ;)

  7. Can us SOS hansels get a plunder boost?
  8. Finally. Bye bye guild hansels.
  9. Aw man...
  10. Bye bye GH, GH goodbye!!!
  11. Awesome.
  12. I agree... we need specifics. We can't prepare for something when we don't have enough information.
  13. BOOST SOS!! :cry:
  14. You cant say youre changing things and then not give specifics... Saying that it will be inline with other buildings... to which tier are you referring to?? Some hard numbers perhaps?? THANKS
  15. You guys make us wait for a thread. Then you release the thread and it has absolutely no information.. Really?!
    Please, if you would. Give us details.. 1-week isn't a lot of time to prepare and we want to know as much as possible for that.. 