Let's Create a Commercial for KaW!

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  1. Creating a Commercial for KaW!

    So recently while watching tv, I saw a very interesting commercial. I saw Kate Upton in a 'war' atmosphere commercial that was supporting some app. That got me thinking, what would KaW's commercial be like if we had one?

    Who would be the featured celebrity?

    Who would be the featured KaW player?

    What would it focus on?

    Would it be funny? Or to the point?

    So, post your commercial ideas! Personally, I imagine WillyTheDeuce and Emma Watson sitting together, in a room, with Emma asking Willy all types of questions. Willy would give his witty, whimsical answers, but would also point out the great things about KaW.

    What do you guys imagine?

    Who knows, maybe kaw_creative is secretly working with Emma and Willy as we speak
  2. Moose Would be the featured player!
  3. Kaw

    " we make a section for you to suggest ideas in the forum but we really don't give a ****"

    That would be the ad intro.

    Did i win?
  4. Every good commercial has a hot centerpiece....Ariana Grande <3 Willy needs to wear his best suit 
  5. Was the commercial you saw for Game of War? :lol: I've played it and it's pretty boring.

    Anyway, I'd imagine kaw's commercial having assassins, armies, scouts, going against another kingdom's.

    But that's basically every war game's commercial.. So something that'd stand out.

    Assassins would be cool along with the scouts raiding other kingdom's villages... We're following the army/scouts/assassins/thieves through their eyes throughout the commercial. Or something...

    Maybe a scene where there's epic battles and wars going on altogether. The events could be implemented within the commercial.

    :lol: I've edited this so many times lol. I really would love to see Kaw being advertised on television.
  6. Yup. It was
  7. Obama as kaw_creative
  8. It should just be a bunch of people picking up their phones and tapping the screen like 50 times then setting it back down. Thats basically all this game is anymore
  9. Kaw really needs more advertisement.

  11. All we need is Fabio playing KaW.
  12. Support
  13. Two words... Panda Commercial

  14. What about kaw runs a competition for the best commercial rewarded with seals then there's no work involved in development just in distribution
  15. A split screen commercial of:
    1. A 9 yr old bed wetter
    2. A middle aged overweight man in a mustard stained undershirt living in his parents garage.
    The commercial would consist almost entirely of these 2 staring mindlessly at a screen tapping a button repeatedly while nothing at all seems to be happening on a screen. Just the still image of a picture mostly. The middle aged man's mom could walk in bringing him clean undies and a hot pocket and accidently catch him in a heated moment of self arousal. The man would scream "Moooommmm I'm trying to talk to my kaw girl friend whom I've never met"
    The 9 yr old bed wetter however has nothing interesting happening at all, he's just laying in bed tapping his button when suddenly the sheets darken and he starts crying.
    At the end of this epic commercial there would appear a message stating "get more out of your tapping experience by having your credit card ready" "are you easily entertained? Have no social life? Download kaw today"
    Prior to fading out, all of the glorious action of kaw would be displayed..2 seconds later end commercial.
  16. Sounds detailed, is this your past and present life?
  17. [​IMG]

    During a war haha
  18. Be awsome
  19. Yes, my detailed description was inspired by my personal experience with playing the game. I really am thankful for my mom bringing me those hot pockets. I love you mom!! When you read this can you bring me some more clean undies?