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  1. Hello fellow KaWers,

    I've been having this issue lately so I decided I would go to Forums for help.

    I really enjoying playing Kingdoms at War, it's a great game in my opinion. I really like having the KaW app on my phone so I can play the game on the go, however, on the app version of the game I can't seem to find the "off" switch for these new legends that are out. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the off switch at?

    The game just doesn't seem as enjoyable to me as it used to be, but I have a feeling that turning off Legends would restore that joy. So if anyone could point me in the direction of the "off" switch I would be very grateful.

    Yours Truly,
    The _Gladiator
  2. If you hold down the app on your phone home screen should come up with the uninstall option well it does here anyway.
  3. Or throwing your phone at a wall does the same thing
  4. That defeats the purpose of my question, I clearly said it is a fun game and I enjoy playing. Uninstalling would not solve that problem.
  5. Yes that works too
  6. Gladiator, some friendly advice, don't take 90% of the forumers here seriously.

    On a side note, there is no off button. KaW has become a b2b running event. This isn't sarcasm.

    Please get used to it, you'll find peace sooner.
  7. Yeah as stated above they're ran continuously on a timer and you can't simply just turn them off.
  8. Ignore the legends hit people talk trash and make yourself happy problem solved
  9. Legends dont turn off. Theyre just a semi decent feature that replaces events in a slightly more mmorpg style.
  10. No man MMORPG's make you walk 10 miles in game to talk to an NPC then another 20 miles in game to do the missions just to walk another 15 miles.
  11. Then you walk around farming random spawns looking for a specific drop to happen then you walk 50 miles back to the start and repeat
  12. Just don't accept the legends quests.
    Ignore them and do as you please. They don't affect you negatively if you do accept them, just giving you SB and other items (like xtals). If you really don't wanna see what you collect for whatever reason, simply don't accept the legend.
  13. How can you enjoy the game if u dont like legends, its like playing call of duty to run around, "I love CoD but would be great if they removed the killing part"
  14. @Wraxius, I'm sure you know, but just in case: Legends, and before that the events system, weren't always a part of the game. In this case, the player is disparaging the fact that the Legends/events update changed the focus of how KaW is played.

    To use your analogy, it'd probably be more accurate to say that he plays the latest Call of Duty to keep up with friends, but wishes that Modern Warfare never existed and instead that Call of Duty and Medal of Honor never left the WW2 gameplay.

    EDIT: While in the analogy he can go back to older Call of Duty games, here in KaW he's limited to the current build if he wants to play at all - not just with friends. So, he's attempting to find a method that best suits his style of play/taste in the current environment - such as disabling Legends in the UI.
  15. If you think the focus of the game changed because of the legends update you are surely wrong. It was an event based app way before then to most of the users
  16. Lol true but I said "slightly more" not "entirely changes the game mechanics to be an mmorpg" ;)
  17. To be fair, that is why I said, "and before that the events system" when I started my post. Events weren't always a part of KaW, unless you count one-off events like the All Star War
  18. Yes i don think commander brannyn can please our captain gwynn with one hand only