Lay of the Rimelands - Part 1: The Frozen Calamity

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 15, 2015.

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  3. I warred alot and only got to 163. Seems like I should get something for that..I feel like I. Wasted alot of time for nothing
  4. Also. I think wc-tracker should be rewarded for effort. Shouldn't you figure a way to recognize the ppls that actually win the war with plan and tracking effort
  5. I do hope either new lands or a big new feature is added soon or after this event.. And new quests would be nice lol.
  6. I havent gotten a single geild chest yet >:/
  7. Support I went from rank 700 to 123 and I gave up because inactives in indi wars.
  8. Developers should add other rewards to the war part of this event on part 2 its not worth chasing top 100,50,10 when inactive mess it all up in individual wars. I worked so hard on trying to make top 100 on my main to get nothing in the end. I mean come on I'd like to see new faces partaking in wars but this won't happen. Either give us top 500 again or individual EE war rewards for collecting so many hoarfrost wartokens for example.
  9. Tru
  10. Kaw we need a rehab event, everyday people stop wanting salt on there chips and change to weed.
  11. Drops need to be based on activity for the EB part of the event instead of build type.
  12. Soo Will War 6 Count in for event or not?
  13. No it's ends an hour after the event ends.
  14. Quests r for beginners getting rolling.
    Suggested n rejected many times over.
    No more r needed IMO

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  15. I always belived promoting drugs n thier use was agaisnt TOU.Kinda looks like KAW broke its own TOU Naming one of the event items Weed :')
  16. Exactly. I've been saying this for ages now. Difference in drops because of builds when accounts are just as active is crap.
  17. Explain drops

    Amounts from every eb?
    If yes then ppl who play n earn the ability to hit the biggest eb's r served how?
  18. Maybe there should be a Cap on how many times per event someone can seal of course thats never going to happan. But sayin big builds should b capped or whatever is wrong like Hawk pointed out ppl work hard on thier build some for many years so they have earned the right to hit bigger ebs for bigger item amounts. I think these events have already helped new/small players enough by giving them EQ i could never have hoped to earn at that size and cash rewards alot of us would have had to save for weeks b4 any hope of matching.
    Sadly though thats life theres always going to be someone who does better then you in these kind of events or gets a better deal for doin less work.The moment everyone is happy I'll retire :').People who pay are always going to do better then those who dont if thy didnt there would be no need to buy seals or xstals n KAW would die.But even if U dont spend a penny and just hit ebs/war as U normally would your still getting rewarded.
  19. It's about how much damage you do to the epic battle. You get a lot more assassinates than attacks and the damage can add up.