Kingdoms at war parody ver. 3

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ddhleigh, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. So I decided to try a 3rd parody, but this time using voice over. I got lay, started awhile ago and just finished yesterday. I just wanted it off my plate. Tried to match lip sync the best I could.

    Don't think there are any bypasses and it's kaw related so it shouldn't get taken down
  2. that was...terrible.
  3. Liked the "My Milkshake" segment of it, but other than that I expected much more. I like your first video a lot better.
  4. What the ****... I watched a dog play with himself and gave up on your vid bro
  5. Hoped it'd be funny.. Hoped like christians hope jesus in Mexico is gonna give them stuff.
  6. Eh... Nice try though

    But I laughed when the Moose part came on. :lol:

    The Dog wasn't needed.
  7. Sorry guys. I don't think I'll ever make one better than the 1st. This is the last one because it's way too time consuming to do. Like it, great. Hate it, great. I just wanted to finish it off and call it a year.
  8. The first one was honestly amazing, I remember when you posted up in forums. I literally cried of laughter watching it
  9. yup. first one was great. someone posted a link of it *somewhere* recently and i laughed almost as hard as i did the first time.
  10. omg the moose part made me cry! gg sir gg
  11. しôし mâÐë më $ô HâRÐ í ÑëâRしý çRíëÐ
  12. First two were awesome. This one was meh, the moose segment did make me :lol: though
  13. All I got to say to that video is lol.
  14. Get this god awful crap locked!!

    Oh my. This made my mind bleed. I don't know what the hell I just watched, but what I do know is that I ruined my beautiful cloth upholstery after puking on it because I watched a pug tug his nug for a good while.

    I demand my ******* time back, some money for a whole new ******* seat, and another delicious christmas dinner that won't be puked up. ******* *****.
  15. And this ladies and gentlemen, is why you lock your phone so your kids can't mess with your account.

    Good try OP, it was funny but not as awesome as the first two. Be proud of those
  16. Haha it really was moose!
  17. make more and fix that mic