Kingdoms at War - *IMPORTANT VOTE* 02/11/2013 Update

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Give the lower roster size clan the ability to use additional Health Crystals!

  1. Yes

    79 vote(s)
  2. No

    345 vote(s)
  1. No support fr xtal usage solution
  2. If dev refund all xtals which be activated in EE war to players at end of the war, the result of this vote will be different.
  3. My vote is NO to extra crystal. Clan build is difficult part on this game. Why smaller clan can get such advantage against well build bigger clan?

    This extra crystal will bring the clan with 30 member of big LB ppl. They can beat any clan.
  4. Seriously devs????? You made the summer wars a complete joke. You released this amazing equipment for it's winners thus ensuring only the top LB clans would get it. Now you can only buy this new ridiculously priced new equipment (when compared to the mith payout) from warring in your deeply flawed wars. Looks like only the top players will get this equipment as well. And be able to enchant it.

    Why do you feel the need to remove the system war payout?? It is not easy to do. It costs billions in gold per mith and requires time and commitment. Ohhhhh. That's right. This game is no longer about that. It's about random eb drops, flawed war systems and of course......crystal sales.

    Thank you for the next big f u to all the non LB money spending peons that will never be able to catch up. We appreciate it.
  5. As interesting as the extra crystals during ee sounds this will just bring yet more problems devs, stop talking about ee season 1 the way ees have gone they will be sorted and ready in about a year and to change the system war payout to try to bring people to ee is the wrong way to go
  6. You cannot be serious!!! That is one of the worst ideas I have heard of. I'm sure that will make it fair, lol not! There is so much room for error. Oh and btw if u stop system wars I F**king quit. People doing it for mith have to spend a fortune in pots to get it so what's the problem???
  7. Not a fan of EE war system
  8. I can't believe it some kind of joke? It's ridiculous!!! Lol
  10. No support for extra crystal usage.

    Bad Matchups-->Less Clans Want to War
    Less Clans Want to War-->Bad Matchups
    Bad Matchups......

    See this vicious cycle devs? Doesn't look good does it. The problem is with the matching system.

    I will propose my system - for the third week in a row - for your consideration.

    Matchups should be made on both strength AND numbers. In order for clans to get matched up, both clans should be matched to a certain percentage in both categories. I don't know what would be the best percentage but I would think that you can run an analysis of all the past weeks to find the sweet spot for getting the most matches. I think somewhere between a 10-20% variation would be a good place to start in terms of getting good balanced wars.

    If a suitable match cannot be found, then the clan gets a notice saying why they couldn't and they don't do a war that day. Hopefully they can adjust strength and/or numbers before the next war. Basically there is no downside to this. The clan continues with their ebs with no interruption and heck maybe cc is more lively the next several hours.

    I was in 6 different wars this past weekend (I have alts for you forum math trolls). 3 were well matched and great wars to participate in. 3 were gross mismatches in terms of size/strength. I won 2 of the mismatches and lost the other. All 3 of these wars were no fun to be a part of. There is no joy in a walkover war for either side.
  11. No support. Some of us cannot make the EE war times and have no way to get mith now for paladin items.
  12. i vote NO for all the reasons already mentioned by the community.
    PS: the VOTING is only accessible for PC accounts. Only 150 persons voted so far.. everyone log on to their PC and vote !!!!!
  13. This thread is posted in the war section, iphone users can vote/post via that.
  14. Bellum, you can post but not vote.

    Only pc can see the poll. Speaking of the poll, can someone screen shot and post an update of it?
  15. First you take most people's mith that they payed good gold for through equipment resets at the start of EE which I am still fuming over, now this? What about the struggling clans that war, they have no hope getting mith, your just supporting the great. Not fair at all.
  16. Hate the removal if system wars....

    And I'm iffy on the Estoc idea I don't see any reason why you guys are gonna match up people so badly that which they need extra crystals to win....seems like a plan for people to buy more crystals
  17. So how do you get mythrils for equipment??
  18. No way. Being able to use more xtals does NOT compensate adequately for a total mismatch in numbers. This, coupled with removal of swar payout is a shameless tactic to drive up xtal sales.

    Swar is now pointless and since we have no control over EE times some people will rarely manage to war.
  19. Absolutely NO!! One of the worst changes ever. I agree with Bellum. No support KaW!
  20. Estocs wars were started by devs to create clan unity...yet now you restrict participation.

    Extra xtals for smaller clans in war means only those who can buy them will be encouraged to war, those without xtals discouraged. Not much unity there either.

    I vote NO!