Kingdoms at War - *IMPORTANT VOTE* 02/11/2013 Update

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Give the lower roster size clan the ability to use additional Health Crystals!

  1. Yes

    79 vote(s)
  2. No

    345 vote(s)
  1. I Vote no with the extra xtals!
  2. I'm not crying about any match up I'm saying when a match up that close in strength and as close as 6 bars over 4 hours that's as close a match up as u can get and I also said I'd hope they would only apply this to match ups uneven by 8 or more people
  3. I did misspeak when I said 34-30 wouldn't yield an extra crystal for that I am sorry like I said I am getting heated over this

    But I still stand by the fact that a war that close in strength coming within 6 bars is much better then giving one side 24 extra bars
  4. No support, if they want more clans warring we shouldn't loose evryrhing we put into ee wars when we loose. The only ppl getting red paladin eq are the ppl dropping rl money to win. All this does is keep that going. And from he sounds of it your making system wars in osw but on the system so just an open war
  5. I say No to the extra xytals to for the smaller team. Imagine the amount of xytals used per week..and the ppl needed to acquire these necessary xytals for these wars. Also it greatly affects the strategy and dynamics of the game..losing?? Just xytal aren't a strategy and it sld not be used as the only means to win..

    What we need is a manual matchup rather than a computer generated one..if the clan starts to stack LBs and becomes too strong, they sld not be able to find and opp and be say out of war..a war with a close fight for 4 hrs is what will save KAW. Not stacking LBs to win and xytalling to win..

    Killing the goose for its egg is a short term solution only..

    My two cents view pls excuse my poor English.
  6. 1) when I voted YES! It was for trying it out.
    2) 30-34 matchup does not deserve extra xtals that's easy overcome with team work, so the system is flawed before it starts.
    3) what the heck do bars have anything to do with anything? Call them xtals that's what they are.
    4) I support the idea of EE only xtals
    5) 30-45 and 45-60 groupings make sense, not 30-45 and 30-60
    6) You lot are very entertaining to watch Give you a sword and a shield and all we need is Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick
  7. Instead of adding more xtals to smaller roster clan, have a maximum for larger clan, if 30 vs 40 roster of 40 has a max of 60 xtals.
  8. I vote NO... That was very unfair..!  the clan who had small number of member have a big size of Stat..!!! And the more number of clan have small size member.. That was VERY UNFAIR.. I said NO
  9. BIG NO. For the multitude of valid reasons posted above. I appreciate that you devs are listening to us tho but clearly this is NOT a solution. Other proposed ideas are better... Such as brackets, higher mith payout, opting out of a estoc after the matchup, and option to add a few kingdoms to a large mismatch.

    And since you're down with suggestions...

  10. Not that I believe that a "vote" will swing a decision either way, the developers have always done exactly as they wanted to, but I vote no, to all of it.. Mithril no longer for sale, and now, no longer through system wars, but exclusively through EE wars... Mithril offers too huge a boost through spells and now ridiculously overpriced equipment, or both spells and equip, to only be available via your EE wars. Months after calling your testing of this system a beta, it is still very much in its beta stages, yet weeks after weeks I sunk my precious mithril into your system while you have tried and tried to iron out kinks. All the while my mith was thrown down the toilet to impossible matchups, ridiculous load times for actions, and the like. The few wars I did come out on top, your mith payouts were all over the place with very little rhyme or reason that I could determine. I have given up on your EE wars after investing almost half of the mith I was able to stock up, which wasn't very much considering the price in gold was barely manageable at the start of the sales and continued to be hiked up for every subsequent sale. I flat out don't like your EE wars, and if you are asking me to vote yes or no in a poll that makes Estoc the only way to acquire mith, I vote a resounding No. Not that this will be given a seconds consideration at all, but the only way I would be happy with this is if you also held tourneys of wars with the old system rules and gave a mith payout in those as well. I know it won't happen. Too many of your big spenders have made a killing in mith by warring from the multi alliance super clans, the very clans I lost most of my mith to, and I know keeping those spenders happy is the priority. I guess thank you for another reason to return to RL and away from KaW.
    TL;DR - NO
  11. The lesser of the two clans will all be given the Xtals for FREE right? I thoight not...This isn't some attempt to make even more money, right? A poor mismatch algorithm cannot be fixed by spending 20$ doing EE. 600$ per 30 member clan each week or two? Sounds like some very good ATA math to me...

    Make a good algorithm, exclude some clans, hire some math interns, do something for YOUR customers other than charge them $$$ to war. Not all of us are fools. It's a game - we choose to play, or not.
  12. Wouldn't extra xtals give you more actions and a huge mith payout? At least if using max pots. Everyone would stick to 30 min, which will take even more ppl away from war, especially big clans (70-100). Vote hell no!!!
  13. I said NO
  14. Here's an idea kaw, scrap this idea and shove it somewhere where the sun don't shine and rethink the new update... You don't even play the game part of this, I suggest you start, that way you know exactly what needs to be fixed. You are allowing the smaller clan get more Xtals, first off by buying them = more money for y'all. Second your rewarding the smaller clan and screwing the larger clan, just because your matchup system sucks? How about you fix the system.
  15. So if a clan of 30 matches with a clan of 60, the clan of 30 is obviously stronger. Now add 4 extra crystals each to those stronger players.

    How can the clan of 60 have a chance?
  16. No : keep the focus of this game competition, not paid for advantages. That is how you will ensure its longevity. Clan cohesion needs to be your focus, not Perfect matchups.
  17. Our match ups versus HGL aren't always fair strength wise, they had 13 numbers less than us one time and they were still ranked 1/xx while we were ranked 2/xx, it's all about strategy these days.
  18. And a quick afterthought... Have you stopped for a second to think about WHY your system may have picked up on an increase in "mith wars".. If you didn't, or if it hasn't occurred to you yet, I will tell you what I think may be the cause.. Too many players sinking mith into a system, that is too far from the point where it should be up and running, while too few players reap the rewards, and no other way of replenishing stock.