Kingdoms at War - 02/25/2013 Update

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Do you want to have an option of "No Match" for Estoc Trials

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Fix wave of conflict ASAP please - some ppl need to cast it before they go to bed
  2. Similar issue, getting message that casting will have no effect. Please fix spell to end after war is over.
  3. Did the dev reply on what's going to be done? Need to cast for war 3. Asians are sleeping soon.
  4. Come on devs - at least let us know you are working on it!
  5. Devs your brilliant plan of changing to an opt in spell is not working so now all o us that want to war can't. If we still had veil and that was not working we would be able to kick members and still war GOOD JOB. I say that with a sarcastic tone. And at least let us know you are working on the problem. 
  6. Wave of conflict not working can u please fix asap devs
  7. Problem is I think that matchup for war 3 was måde 25 hours Before war start. The problem is less with spell and more with the fact that there in the system is no war before the Saturday war.
  8. Was now able to sign up.
  9. Update the loyalty to a year
  10. The spell was activated to late for our Asian members. This could cost the clan the chance to participate or the asian members chance to participate. If that is the case will there be compensations?
  11. Hi devs. The wave spell is perfect. What it's missing is a way the clan admin can disable casting it, to control the maximum number opt in. Maybe another button at clan page, in "manage".
  12. Ok devs, if you're reading this, I need your help quickly! I really wanted to war with my alt on iPod, but I did not get home to cast spell until right after locks. I would really appreciate if you let me join the war. Hope you will help me out!

    Plus, I bought xtals for this war :oops:
  13. Problem now 1 hour 20min more to war start and I have problem casting the wave of conflict spell
  14. It don't allow me to cast if saying there is no effect what the hell is this.
  15. You can't cast after matchup. The war may not start for over an hour but matchup is over!
  16. So if you can leave at the 2 hour mark can you also join? I don't think so but I have not read it anywhere?
  17. @ kaw admin: please stop giving the same bogus lag explanation. There is no spinning wheel, we are scanning cc, doing actions, skimming and are seeing our ko in cc before news feed shows any incoming hits. This makes it difficult to self ko when you don't see the onslaught coming. While this effects both teams equally, and therefore does not give an advantage to either side, it does encourage turtling. It is a gamble to try to stay up in a war, as self ko is more luck than skill.
  18. Dev's, good job on the opt-in spell.

    Now to fix the possibility of having too many people sign up for war and go over the limit you guys set for each war, whatever the maximum clan limit is for that war, set it and only accept that many sign in's from each clan. Simple.... First come first server basically. Problem solved.
    Just remove the member limits on each war.... though this will increase the possibilities of a mismatch, so I like the first option better.

    Also, "Wave of Conflict" can be a little confusing and so close to "wave off conflict" meaning I don't want to war??? I still think the spell name "Battle Cry" is much clearer, more obvious and sounds better..... It's not too late to change it.....

    Keep up the good work dev's, you are getting there...
  19. So no more wars this week?

  20. Does anyone have soulreaper sword yet?