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  1. fat dude. Your all talk. Get your ass in KHOR and get off forums
  2. One Simple Question:

    Genuine reasons have been provided for this osw, with no denials but outright confessions from NMF for the betrayal of their former allies.

    Instead, which clan has spent the most time posting Butt Hurt comments relentlessly spouting propaganda not realising that no one in kaw is interested in reading their lies?

    Answer: No Match Found
  3. Who created the butthurt thread: you guys! Lmao.

    You care enough to make it public. Otherwise it would've stayed just between both clans. But no. You let your rage spill over forums because that's where the cool kids are.
  4. as the gh is talking
  5. Actually I've found this thread pretty entertaining...

    ...does that make me a bad person?
  6. You're the ones raging dufus
  7. Fatdude. I have hansels able to pin ur ass right now. Don't believe me? Join KHOR and test it out you little . You think I put my valuable accs in an OSW u crazy.
  8. Your clan made the thread for them to rage on. Just sayin.
  9. If you call around the clock the last inc I had over 10 hours ago, a single attack. Man, these guys have us pinned down.
  10. Cute thread.
  11. That's right. U won't join KHOR cuz u scared . Now you've shown your all mouth plz stop being a fanboy.
  12. Get in my newsfeed then 
  13. I'm in your newsfeed, what're you going to do about it?
  14. FatDude your such an idiot. I ask u to join KHOR for the OSW and u think u can stay outside the clan and ill give u a lil inc and it's over? Get in KHOR and fight it out for the long haul son.
  15. I don't need too be in khor att me all u want u will failI'm waiting noob️
  16. Attack me, _FaTDuDE_. I'm warning you though, I know martial arts.
  17. I can throw a baseball at 47mph, and I used to be quarterback in my 5th grade Pee Wee division.
  18. If you dare touch me I will bring my main, congo_nomber.
  19. Fatdude. Your an idiot all u need is your EBs. Too coward to support your friends eh?