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  1. Why is asthma wanting to leave the game so suddenly? Also you're subclan that was running 3 hour TFO, not even worth our time.️
  2. Nick- screenshot or it didnt happen cdc…no? Okay shut up nub
  3. Wow CDC. My minions do the work? U do realise 90% of funding comes from me right?

    You do realise that. Right?

    You do realise, I've already at least 1.5t in funds. 500b a day. Now that's a lot of contributing for one guy.

    No. CDC. Stop trying to play mind games. Just a few Days ago you where calling me a KaW force and you respect me. Now because your on the other end of the stick you suddenly change your mind. No members disagreed with everything I said. There is no moles. Cut the **** and strip something, SOMEONE, ANYTHING for a start.
  4. There is nothing that can be said to a bunch of punks that don't have real jobs or real lives. If getting your laughs and giggles from the forums of a tap tap game is what genuinely makes you happy in life, then that's sad to hear.

    I am sure you will follow this post with a bunch of made up stuff like you have rock hard abs, hot gf, and make tons of money. But how does that add up when you spend all day on kaw .

    Prove to me you have better things to do otherwise we will be left to assume you have nothing.

    Val had his feelings hurt by me sending invitations to players who maybe were looking for a spot to war since the roster gets full real quick. Shame on me...yeah I said "and leave Val" only because many in there would leave in a heart beat if they could find wins elsewhere. This should seem understandable seeing as I was kicked right before war without an explanation other than I was afraid to OSW. And seeing as I was called upon, by Val, to do his dirty work of avoiding OSW in the past it didn't seem out of the question to do what I did.

    See the truth for what it is Val. Stick to your EE success and move on.

  5. Seriously why bring it to forums. You have my word I will never request a CF. now stop making up complete BS, and we will see what happens in a few months time.
  6. Asthma u just admitted yourself. We don't want players who won't fight for the cause. So why the hell are you complaining about being kicked. Nobody wants to be used for rancor.

    Maybe you where just offering players a spot for war. But you know I'm aggressive. We need an OSW to get rid of players like yourself. Who just get rancor and go simple as that.
  7. Asthma you're afraid to OSW it's not a secret, AsthmaMONSTER attck build with SDT790 LB overall 2.5t allies800b in pots20 HF, 12 lv2394m bfe, all season 1 RPA Why you leaving so fast?
  8. all these little gh
  9. Not complaining about being kicked... But I was pissed. Duh! If you are casted for war in any clan, then get kicked, you'd be upset. After being kicked, I joined a different clan to EE the next day and it was a relief. We beat the top EE clan in kaw and no bragging or cursing or any of the nonsense that radiates from NMF! Such a breath of fresh air.

    I guess you guys should be happy with me out... Sure seems like you are. Guess I never should have been there. Oh well, lesson learned.
  10. What SS nick? Of the moles? Sure bud. See that's your problem and you don't know it. You live your RL one SS at a time. I don't. I have much better things to do and as Elite has certainly communicated to you will be doing shortly...Happy tap tap
  11. All I have to say is.

    We just havin' fuuuuuunnnnnn
    We don't care who seeeeeeeee's
    So what we get highhhhhhh
    That's how it's suppose'ta beeeeee
    Livin' young, and wild, and freeeee
  12. How effective can a gh be in osw though?? Besides being a bank and stripping lower members, what else can they do?? Just curious
  13. NMF isn't an entirely GH clan.
  14. GH stink unless you are fighting a hansel as myself and yes they are only good for banks and strips on smaller players
  15. Hmmm interesting o_O
  16. There basically all gh there tops prolly gettin crushed
  17. True. Not gonna lie my top Alts are getting a lot of inc for an EB clan. Even if they are mithing up to win. But it's works exactly the same as EE. Bigs just used as shields.
  18. Lol and ur not gettin crushed cause ur dtw too most everyone
  19. But hitting our bigs is only making themselves bleed out. It takes multiple bars to pin 1 account. So they are pretty much just slowing down their own EBs