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  1. 2.4T, ha. Listen up, kids, I will destroy you. Every single one of you will feel the wrath of me. Every post beneath me on this page will pinned for days. Think I'm joking? Well guess what, I'm not. I'm fed up with all you posers thinking you're rad. Fight me, right now.
  2. Khor are silly gooses :p
  3. Is it gooses or geese? :O
  4. Inc jac 69017/69017/13 DA HELL?!?
  5. fatnub - I'm not a gh. I guess I'm one of those 'top guys' u referring to saying we must be getting smashed. If 6 fails in 3 days is what u call being smashed, then I guess. It's always easy to talk crap from side lines. Man up.

    Anarchy. Please refrain from childish insults towards players (like giskard) who know way more about osw than u probably ever will.
  6. Phew, thank god we got adults aswell in nmf lol. Finally a proper post, gj blaze.
  7. Vengeance, 20/20/5 attack p:10. Get pots bro, your defenses suck.
  8. You didn't hit me at all...
  9. Oh there we go, there's my daily dose of news feed. Grats.
  10. All assassinations? Meh, I'm guessing those steals were you too.
  11.  good point guys...240th on strength lb with almost 70% gh...can't wait for conversions
  12. i really love how i obviously havent pinned 3, almost 4 of your eb actives; but we arent giving you any inc....

    And ikr? I really cannot wait for conversion time...
  13. Hello all Hands of Gods and any others who this concers :cool:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that i am having to drop out of this war because of problems in rl life coming up and not being able to see this war out to the end

    wish the best to both sides and NMF you guys are a strong group

    ---Say what you want to about me but this is not because i am a quitter but because Real Life comes first---
  14. Can't tell if trolling...
  15. Oh, we have a mystery thief!
  16. not trolling really have to go and get rl before games
  17.  lmfao what's that, 2 runners? pr more? I was always bad with numbers...
  18. Everyone has rl problems when osw starts - Chinese Proverb
  19. Haha "Chinese Proverb" :lol:
  20. Brokenblade, you make this thread, talk so much **** and expect to get away scot free? Oh no boy, you're my farm until I get tired now. Clan can stop hitting you, but I'm not gonna let you go that easy.