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  1. :lol: You guys talk about real life like it matters. Go kaw! Kaw never breaks up with you, never gives you DUI, never picks on you or calls you names, and kaw will never hit you.

    Kaw is awesome, and real life sucks and so does _FaTDuDE_.
  2. Nobody gave OP permission to sure Val is used to his minions doing the same...I'd much rather not be in here any more, words have never scared me. I'm out. Forums are for noobs...if you need me wall me.

  3. Forums is a place for knowledge, hanging out in cc is for the ignorant. How are you going to find out about game mechanics or current osws on your wall? To be honest, walls and cc probably fit you better, as you don't know the importance of the forums. Also, if you find someone to be obnoxious on the forums, add them to your foes list(aka ignore list). Forums are what you make it.
  4. And believe me, us credible and knowledgeable people won't miss someone as ill-informed as you, CDC.
  5. Volley my ally to 600 bil I keep.....I swear
  6. Not the place CHUBBY
  7. JAC you can quit messing with CDC and anyone who believes that KAW is more important then RL has no life.
  8. It must've taken a lot of brain power to get that I was trying to say that. :lol: It's obvious what I was getting at, what was the point of your post?
  9. Brokenblade too brain dead to understand sarcasm
  10. As far as I have seen, Jac is one of the smarter people on the forums, a smart bunch. There's a lot of that smart bunch willing to stand up for that smart bunch. See how smart people roll?
  11. All these brain juices flowing. 'Tis incredible.
  12. For the first time ever i enoyed reading a thread. Hmmmmmmmmm this is weird
  13. this is why i have made 25b off you guys in the past 2 days almost as much as i made doing ebs

    plus i only loss 4.5m a hit so come and get it
  14. ok well get out of DTW and let me show you how "brain dead" i am
  15. Get out? I physically can't "get out" of DTW without the game mechanics regenerating my troops. I cannot change the timer of troop regeneration as that is called cheating and results in consequences.

  16. Nor does mashing a button show to me your intelligence. If you believe attacking via Kingdoms at War, a 9 plus app game tells me your brain capacity, then you sir are brain dead.
  17. And being ignorant of your hypocrisy also portrays your delusional nature.

  18. Brokenblade it's 3-0 to Val. gotta up your brainy powerz if u wanna gain some pointz n stuff.

  19. BUTT HURT..........

    Sorry if try don't have rainbow color