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  1. [​IMG]
    Kings House of Redemption declares war on No Match Found

    After their member Valentlne came and disregarded our rules he then decided he would farm some of our members. He then called his friends to help attack us. We are now hitting them around the clock until Valentlne says sorry or until we get tired.



  2. Lol. Val is gonna spank that ass
  3. Eh I really wouldn't be surprised if NMF just ignores/casually returns the hits with a few strips thrown in and keeps winning EE wars.
  4. Who would have thought that OP would make up a bullcrap story...?

    Not me. :lol:

    Please KHoR, keep your members on their leads.
  5. Is that what your leaders told you?️
  6. I see where this is going.
  7. GL Khor 
  8. I'm personally staying quiet, but I can say this is far from the truth. You guys deserve more honest leaders if that's what you're told.
  9. @Brokenblade I suggest switching to liquid soap when you shower.

    It'll take longer for you to pickup while we're ass ******* y'all silly

     enjoy
  10. Lmao hmmmmm

    Op you are going to get ****** so bad
  11.  Lets see how long it takes him to find the reset button 
  12. I was on when this started. A member of NMF was disrespecting multiple clan members and the whole clan in general. A few of our members called said person out and he responded by throwing a tantrum and gathering a few buddies to start this nonsense. I find it extremely childish that one can be so disrespectful and then lash back when told so. Have some respect and simply apologize for your actions.
  13. Who cares the reason, osw away! Good luck to both sides!
  14.  ^ How about no. Get your facts straight.
  15. Crump, pics or it didn't happen
  16. Nick- apoligize to eb noobs who scout their whole full bar and cant even pin me lol ya like we will ever do that. Ask your leaders why we started hitting and then you will understand. Test our loyalty and we test yours :cool:
  17. to all who say i will get killed or get sad and hit the reset button you can just forget those thoughts and have fun seeing me in NMF's news feed along with the rest of us.
  18. OSW is fun. Why want an apology when we can hit it off?
  19. I know KHoR, why don't you ask the loyal and valiant Asthma why this is?

    Oh that's right, he's busy covering his own ass and letting his members take the heat for his screwup...