KaW's most notorious

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  1. Unless you've got a hater clan page, you're no bad ass. 

  2. Dang how do you get lucky enough to be put in the best all star team 3x in a row
  3. [​IMG]

    It's always a victory when you get a clan page dedicated to your pretty goodness
  4. Hm, tough question. I'd have to say IIIIIIIIIIIIII.

    However, I am also a big fan of IIIIIIIIIIII.

    IIIIIIIIIIIIII was another candidate, but he's a bit of a noob.
  5. silverbullet im more relivant than you are nobody even quotes your name ever .
  6. Best post yet.
  7. Roni wins for most posts in "notorious" type threads in past few months. Every time I go poop and look on forums I always see roni in at.
  8. She's trying to make a name for herself lolz
  9. 358k wins and those pathetic stats, still can't take you seriously.
  10. In the poop or in a thread?

    Because she has been known for doing both :lol:
  11. 6,800 wins, 2,600 losses and my stats. Beat that noobs.
  12. We can't all cry to the devs and get our stats back
  13. Only an idiot judges someone on their wins/losses. It means next to nothing.
  14. Aww am I sensing a little jelly?

    You can't even reset anymore, so you don't have to worry about that either. You're welcome.
  15. Agree with TNT. Any noob can fail a few thousand times on a bigger build or hard EB.
  16. In osw, a Hansel gets the same losses in a few days as I get in a month, or more. Same osw experience, but the numbers don't match up.

    As for wins, any big build that thinks more than 5% of their wins comes from hitting other players Is either lying to themselves, or hits hansels all day.
  17. Mr. Reset then got his account back :/

    That's story is still crap but whatever
  18. You grew account from scratch and I didn't? Hmm what's that mean. As for Todd being in the hall of fame, you saying so on a thread makes him suddenly a legend in the game lol, but I don't care at all if im in a tap tap games hall of fame. I play this game only for amusement, if I wanted to be in a hall of fame id try to be in one better than a tap tap game lol
  19. Xj3 aka mickeyknocks