KaW turns six. Edit**

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    Like a "hey, you're still alive" party for old people, but for a game instead.
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    -100% plunder spell
    -50% building refund
    -free ztals

    And more. :)
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    They only discount things on black Friday. I think an achievement and maybe half an xtal, if that.

    Edit: saw chaos's link, guess they discounted last year but doubt they'll do it again.
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    Happy Birthday KaW!
    I would have gotten you a card and a present but I spent all my money on Nobs and Xtals to slow LB pulling away...(Fail)

    Anyway you get your present every couple weeks, enjoy the Yachts!
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    Id say a crystal we will get. Or a punch in the nuts. I'll take what I can get. Eh.
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    I'll be happy if KAW remembers it's turning 6.

    And if they do remember maybe they will throw out a last second xtal or a pot that contributes nothing to gameplay! :D
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    I still have fireworks :D
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I want the bananas back
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    Six ring slots so I can Pîmp my bling
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    All of the above-

    -servers crashes-

    -riot comments begin after-

    -Game loses 1 star on reviews-

    -devs offer a free crystal-

    -everything back to normal-

    -Apple releases iOS 9-

    -server crashes again-
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    Going to give every active player whom logs in tomorrow each 1 SOD.
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    Developers, have not been active for more than 4 months in forums, cause they are making the Shark Epic Battle and they have to keep it a secret until the release.

    Now, if they'll make an event for there anniversary? There is a high possibility. Yet, y'all never know what developers are planning at there Kaw Development Think Tank meetings.
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    How about an hte promo at 600%, devs would make a killing and so would the players
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    Happy Birthday Nubs.
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    9/11 affected Canada too eh
  19. Well, apparently, I would assume nothing will happen.
  20. Farmer's Journey Part 5
    New anniversary items and possible 2x troop/spy regen every 5 minutes!

    Also, Kaw would also pop up in world chat and in forums once more again!